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Eiddo - Real Estate and Realtor Theme $85


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Created: 14 Apr 18  —  Updated: 09 Jun 23

Detailed Presentation

Introducing Eiddo, the ultimate real estate agency and realtor theme! It’s bursting with flexible property layouts and elements, so you can kick-start your real-estate business like a true professional!

Key Features : Real Estate Module, iDXpress and iHomefinder Compatibility, Advanced Search Filter, Statistics Dashboard, Customizable Maps, Modern Style
Ideal for : Real Estate Agencies, Realtors and Property Brokers, Rentals Directories

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  • space_station_google
    3 years ago

    is the Eiddo theme, capable of being integrated with Salesforce to pull in properties instead of manual entry

    • Qode Interactive
      3 years ago

      Hi there, thank you for taking interest in our theme. We haven’t tested it with the Eiddo theme and we cannot guarantee it’s 100% compatibility. If you have any additional questions please let us know.
      Please understand that properties displayed with the theme are custom post types specific for this theme, and you can find more information in the theme’s documentation.
      Let us know if you need anything else.

  • Bale_Startup
    4 years ago

    how use user dasboard

    • Qode Interactive
      4 years ago

      Hi, thanks for reaching out!
      We’re not sure what you mean, the dashboard is rather intuitive and all the functions are clearly marked. But what we can tell you is you can view the user dashboard and try out all three different user roles available in Eiddo, with the following credentials (you can sign in directly from the frontend):
      Log in as Owner / Buyer
      Username: owner-test
      Password: owner-test
      Log in as Agency
      Username: agency-test
      Password: agency-test
      Log in as Agent
      Username: agent-test
      Password: agent-test
      Hopefully this will help you figure out how the dashboard works, as well as give you an insight into various user roles’ capabilities.
      Let us know if you need anything else.

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