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We are Qode Interactive

A vision-driven group of professional WordPress developers and a home base to 5 established development teams – Qode, Mikado, Select, Elated and Edge Themes.

With the bestselling creative WordPress theme under our belt and an ever-expanding number of 300 000 happy clients, all 5 of our profiles share a versatile and dependable team of over 100 WP pros, a dedicated customer support crew, and most importantly, the same commitment and passion when it comes to design. The themes we create all carry our authentic vibe and can be purchased exclusively on ThemeForest.

Qode Themes

This is where our story starts – a small & devoted group of designers and developers gathered around the same idea of improving and reshaping the latest trends in the WP industry, and founded Qode. The vision was clear: offer only the most advanced and beautiful products on the worldwide market.


2013 was the second major stepping stone in our company history. The ThemeForest profile QODE was launched, and the table was set for all the success that was to come.

Bridge Theme

2014 marked a huge milestone for Qode. This is when we released the Bridge theme, which soon seized the market by storm. Since then, Bridge has become the #1 bestselling creative theme on ThemeForest. We are continually working on expanding and enhancing the scope of what our customers can do with Bridge. Nowadays, those possibilities are virtually limitless, and Bridge is here to stay as a true creative powerhouse.

Select Themes

This was the year we decided to branch out and introduce some new ThemeForest author profiles. The first one to emerge was Select Themes. Today, this profile firmly sits among the top 15 authors on Themeforest.

Mikado Themes

Another ThemeForest profile joined our ranks when Mikado Themes was launched. Like all our profiles, Mikado nurtures a fresh yet distinct approach to design.

Edge Themes

An equally important member of our group is Edge Themes. This author profile was created in 2015 with the goal of offering a unique take on contemporary WordPress theme design. Edge grew steadily and positioned itself as one of the major creators on ThemeForest.

Elated Themes

Elated Themes was the last author profile to join Qode, but definitely not the least. Alongside Edge, Mikado, Select and QODE, Elated enjoys the status of an Envato Power Elite Author, the highest recognition the TF marketplace can bestow upon a theme author.

Qode Interactive

The launch of Qode Interactive is our crowning achievement. All our well-established author profiles joined forces to form a single compact unit, ready to take on any challenge the modern WordPress market can throw at us.

In addition, all Qode Interactive themes are powered by the same framework we fine-tuned over the years. All our support agents have gone through extensive training in this framework, ensuring quick and efficient support for our customers.

We specialize in producing beautiful WP themes which provide our customers with easy, open-ended customizability and a streamlined website creation experience. But we don’t plan to stop here – it’s our aim to keep growing and to push the envelope in setting the new standards in contemporary web design and development.

We believe all customers should have a straightforward experience when looking for the best WordPress themes. This is why we present all our themes in a single place – so you can easily find the perfect style and functionalities for your website.

It’s always great to hear what people have to say. If there’s anything you’d like to suggest or let us know, feel free to write in at any time. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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