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  • More and more brands, small and medium businesses and individuals are looking to start an online shop, and it's a trend that doesn't show any signs of stopping. One of the first dilemmas they encounter is - which platform to choose? Today we're going to discuss two immensely popular ones - WooCommerce and Shopify, and hopefully help you decide

  • Even the most experienced web designers sometimes fall into common traps. Good design is important not just from the aesthetic point of view, but, more importantly, it has a direct experience on UX and, consequently, on the success of a website. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when designing your site

  • Headless commerce may be a strange-sounding term but it's an eCommerce model that actually makes a lot of sense for many businesses. In this quick guide, we're explaining all you need to know about the headless commerce architecture, the way it works and how it can benefit your online business

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