Date: 20-10-2021
  • Added 'Animation Duration and Reverse Direction' for Text Marquee widget
  • Added 'Custom Links Target' for Image Gallery, Pinterest Image Gallery and Image Slider widget
  • Added 'Border Width' for Accordions and Toggles widget
  • Added 'Alignment' for Product List widget - Info Bottom Swap Item Layout
  • Added 'Title Hover Color' and 'Text Hover Color' for Call to Action widget with Link Overlay
  • Added 'Pagination Offset from Edge' for slider pagination
  • Added 'Images on Top' for Interactive Links - Standard Layout
  • Added 'Box Shadow' for Pricing Table widget
  • Added 'Currency Position' for Pricing Table widget
  • Added 'Image Border Radius' for Blog List widget
  • Added 'Image Border Radius' for Blog Carousel widget
  • Added 'Button Margin Top' for Blog List - minimal layout
  • Added 'Show Excerpt' and 'Text Margin Bottom' for Blog List widget - Side Image layout
  • Added 'Image Border Radius' for Product List widget
  • Added 'Image Border Radius' for Product Carousel widget
  • Added 'Image Border Radius' for Image Gallery widget
  • Fixed Custom Image Size for Clients Carousel and Clients List
Date: 20-10-2021
  • Added 'Slider Full Height' for Blog Slider widget – Info on Image layout
  • Added 'Navigation Vertical Position' for sliders
  • Added 'Content Horizontal Alignment' for Product Category List widget
  • Added 'Highlight Text Background Style' for Highlighted Text widget
  • Added 'Zoom Centered Slide' for Image Slider
  • Added 'Border Radius' for Pricing Table
  • Added 'Zigzag' option to Blog List, Product List, Product Category List and Image Gallery
  • Added 'border radius' and 'offset' options for date on Blog List Widget
  • Improved 'Product List' widget – removed sold items from list if 'Hide out of stock items from the catalog' option is checked
  • Renamed 'Navigation Margin Top' to 'Navigation Vertical Offset' option
  • Fixed 'Masonry Image Gallery' in Firefox
Date: 29-09-2021
  • Added wpml-config.xml file
  • Added 'Separator Icon' options for Text Marquee widget
  • Added 'Images Width' option for Interactive Links widget – Standard layout
  • Added subtitle icon options for Section Title widget
  • Added 'Typography' option for item in Text Marquee widget
  • Added 'Items Icon Vertical Offset' options for Pricing Table widget
  • Improved qodef grid system
  • Fix for pagination style when set outside
  • Fix for Elementor Font-Awesome Inline (experimental feature)
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