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9 Most Popular Types of Blogs for 2023

Most Popular Types of Blogs

Every adventure starts with that first, crucial step. The first step of setting up a blog is where you give your blog a sense of direction, where you choose the topics, the angles, and the voice you’ll be using for your blog posts. Sure, you’ll have plenty of time to get good at crafting blog posts later – and you’ll have some awesome tools to help you with it, too. You’ll also find plenty of options to monetize the blog. AdSense and alternative networks, affiliate marketing, setting up paywalls for your content, or even the humble tip jar are all viable ways to make your blogs financially sustainable.

But before you do anything, you’ll have to pick a type for your blog. You can call it “choosing a niche” too, even though the types we’ll list here don’t have to be nearly as specific as you can drill down a niche. But just as general areas of interest, these types of blogs could provide you enough ground to create compelling blog posts, build an engaged audience, and maybe even find a way to make a buck or two off it.

So if you’re looking for the most popular types of blogs for 2023, the ones you’ll find on every possible list include:

Financial Blogs

Financial Blog

Bridge Theme, Financial Business Demo

Finances are a topic whose popularity will endure for as long as we continue to use money. If you’re thinking about starting a financial blog, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style anytime soon. People are very much interested in a wide variety of topics that could be related to finance.

This means, of course, that you’ll have plenty of room both when it comes to the niche you want to zero in, as well as the content you can create for each niche. Some types of financial blogs you can create include:

  • Personal finance blog with a focus on different ways to save money
  • Investment advice blog which follows stock market news
  • A financial blog that focuses on the cryptocurrencies market
  • A blog aimed at people planning for their retirement

You’ll often come across some overlap in blog categories, not just between niches that belong to the same type, but also niches from different types. So if your finance blog about saving money turns into a blog about minimalist or frugal living, don’t be surprised. Remember, you can always course-correct. You can also embrace the change.

Interior Design Blogs

Interior Design

People might like to spend time looking for financial information online but looking for advice on your 401(k) is hardly the only reason to wander into a blog. People do it because they want to be inspired, too, and few things are as inspiring as blogs that tell us how we can make our living or working spaces better.

Interior design blogs, just like any other blog on this list, can focus on a certain area in the larger category they belong to. For example, you can find interior design blogs that specialize in any of the following:

  • Modern baroque interior design
  • Creating the perfect man-cave
  • Living space décor and gadgets
  • Lighting and its proper use in homes

It helps to have a degree or at least a working knowledge of interior design. Often enough, however, you’ll notice that some people might pass simply on having impeccable taste – and that’s as valid a reason to start an interior design blog as any.

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Creative Magazine & Blog Theme

Marketing Blogs

Marketing Blog

Mr. Seo Theme, Standard Blog Layout

You can say a lot about the digital marketing community, but you can never deny its vibrancy and productivity. It can easily seem like marketers are among the web’s most vigilant content producers. It makes perfect sense, too, because it’s a place where a novel point of view, a good idea or two, and some solid data can carry you a long way.

Just like there are tons of different types of marketing and related activities, there are also tons of subtypes for the marketing blog. You’ll have your pick of interesting niches if you decide to devote your time to a market, leading you to focus on topics such as:

  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Reviews of different affiliate programs
  • Guides for people who want to start marketing their websites
  • High-level thought leadership and concept work (as a form of personal branding, of course)

Keep in mind, however, that users might test your advice. If you’re doing a marketing blog as a way to position yourself within the industry, don’t forget to look up the advice on pages every blog should have, and include an “About Me” and “Contact” page.

Food Blogs

Food Blog

EasyMeals – Food Blog WordPress Theme

Food has become more than just the thing we have to do lest we die a slow and horrible death. Some might approach it as fine art. Others like their food-related content with a side dish of travel and adventure. For many, however, it’s a practical matter that revolves around having enough healthy food and finding the time to prepare it.

You’ll notice a lot of variety in the food blog category when you embark on creating a food blog. There’s more to it than just recipes you can find on every other place online, though there is a good reason why you can find so many websites and blogs with recipe content online. You can find other things, too:

  • Blogs about the weird things people will eat
  • Reviews of fine dining establishments
  • Blogs exploring ethnic foods
  • Guides for eating on a budget

There are many different ways a food blog can get, and many possible crossovers into other types. Food is such a fundamental thing in our lives, our cultures, and our identities, that it can easily find its way into any of the other blog types in this list.

Parenting Blogs

Parenting Blog

Peggi – Multipurpose Children Theme

There’s no way to know your contribution to extending the species will become a decent adult with good health and healthy relationships. Being in charge of someone’s well being would be an incredibly difficult job even without the knowledge we’re living in a world with no guarantees.

But that doesn’t mean parents aren’t doing their best day in and day out. In some cases, this involves having a parenting blog – a place where people who have kids, or people who work kids in other manners, can come to share their opinions and experiences. These can come in various forms:

  • Advocacy for kids with development disorders
  • Family lifestyle blogs
  • Kid product reviews
  • Blogs that help parents deal with their newfound responsibilities

Some of these blogs are bound to be controversial, as there are few things people can feel guarded about as their children and the way they want to raise them. Still, having a parenting blog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Foster a community by making sure you get plenty of comments, for example, and you’ll see just how your world – and your kids’ – opens up.

Craft & DIY Blogs

Craft & DIY

Krafti – Arts and Crafts WordPress Theme

Doing crafts and engaging in some DIY activities is a great way to give yourself a creative outlet. The better you get at it, however, the more likely it’ll be that your creative endeavors can acquire new meanings to you. For example, you can start making money off them, or you can use them to access new communities or, if you will, markets.

Whether you’re doing it for personal satisfaction or monetary gain, it doesn’t matter – a blog about crafts and do-it-yourself projects is likely to find an audience of like-minded people. Still, if you’re looking to focus on a niche within this type, you can explore:

  • Therapeutic use of crafts and DIY projects
  • How-to content demonstrating your expertise
  • Content that focuses on old crafting practices
  • A blog about craft supplies that doubles as a store

Keep in mind that running this kind of blog might require you to pay a bit more attention to the type of content you’re producing. You’ll need to take lots of photos, so having a good camera and knowing how to use it is a must. Plus, if it captures video too, you can think about creating video content.

Health and Fitness Blogs

Health and Fitness

Hatha – Yoga WordPress Theme

The busier people get, the more they seem to be willing to sacrifice the time they should spend taking care of themselves. That’s why lots and lots of gym memberships are seldom used. It might also be the reason why people would rather engage with an article about health and fitness instead of the actual activity the article describes.

Either way, health and fitness blogs can inspire people to bring some healthy practices into their lives. But because our health and fitness are influenced by a variety of things, these types of blogs can cover a variety of topics in seemingly unrelated niches. Here are some topics you might have read about in health and fitness blogs:

  • Eating a high-protein diet for building muscle
  • How mindfulness and meditation affect the mind and the body
  • The principles of HIIT
  • A simple yoga flow to kickstart your day

Just what you want to focus on will depend on your interest, experience, and your target market. Remember, however, that while getting out of your comfort zone can sometimes be welcome, try not to injure yourself trying to fit into a certain niche. There’s plenty of interest in other things out there.

Fashion Blogs

Fashion Blogs

Allure – Beauty and Fashion Blog Theme

Fashion is a huge industry and the changes it has gone through in the past twenty years reflect the global changes we’ve seen in many other industries. Dominated by social-media-savvy models and a mix of legacy and upstart brands, the fashion world is teeming with lifeand websites – and it’ll be welcoming for your contribution.

How many niches are there in this type? Probably more than you can count. People might have that specific thing about fashion that they’re passionate about, and if you’re willing to become an expert on it, you can build a source they’ll frequent to see what’s what. Here are some of the things you can try to focus your attention on:

  • Vintage sneakers
  • Celebrity style
  • Street style blogs
  • Shopping guides and item reviews

Keep in mind that, even though blogs and websites are different, there’s no rule against having a store section on your blog. If an opportunity opens up to sell some fashion items, either through affiliate stores or through designing your items, you might consider making the most of it.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Blog

Blush – A Trendy Beauty and Lifestyle Theme

Do you have a take on life others might appreciate? Have you found a secret to a fulfilling, sustainable existence? Are you noticing something wrong with how people are living their lives? Do you want to be someone people aspire to become? Maybe you just want people to envy you for what you have. Create a lifestyle blog, and they might.

Lifestyle blogs are as varied as blogs can be. There are so many different ways to live one’s life, it’s not that hard to see how most of us would have material for at least a weekly post on our lifestyle blogs. It’s harder to see that many blogs sustain a readership, though. It’s more likely that blogs following lifestyles like these will thrive:

  • Living like a prepper on a carnivore diet
  • Breaking through glass ceilings in the corporate world
  • Living in an interesting city like New York City
  • Living as a Millenial

You’ll need some style, good content creation skills, and a unique perspective – there’s no way around it. But if you can pull off a good lifestyle blog, you can become the voice and face of a group of people. Just remember that this comes with some responsibility.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Having a blog can benefit you in so many different ways. You can find a voice, an audience, and a source of income through blogging. You can also find great collaborators to join you, or you can create a relatively safe space to speak your mind anonymously. You’re never far away from inspiration thanks to many existing blogs, and things to create content about are all around you. So besides having a space to create a blog, you need determination and at least some idea about the type of blog you want to create. The rest is the fun part.

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