Top 21 Blogs and Magazine Websites Made With Qode Themes

Top 22 Blogs and Magazine Websites Made With Qode Themes

With 77% of Internet users reading blogs on the regular, online publication is showing no signs of slowing down. Millions of people enjoy sharing their thoughts and tips with their audience. Some do it purely for fun, while others use their platforms to engage and expand their target market, as well as generate income.

Considering the significant number of people who prefer reading on their computers or mobile devices, it’s no wonder most print publications have also dipped their toes into the online world and made their content available on the Internet. This allows them to reach a worldwide audience irrespective of the country or region their readers live in. And if their stories are interesting enough, chances are users will share them on social media, replacing word-of-mouth marketing and contributing to the increase in magazine sales or blog visits.

If you’re thinking of venturing out of the print confines or if you simply want to start a purely online publication, this roundup is for you. We will introduce you to a collection of commanding websites built with Qode Interactive’s blog and magazine WordPress themes. All of these sites prove the tremendous versatility of our themes and demonstrate the power of their design. The magazines and bloggers we will talk about are:

The Strawberry Blonde

The Strawberry Blonde website made with the Journo theme

Camila Galfione a.k.a. The Strawberry Blonde is another blogger who chose the awesome Journo theme to build her site. She opted for the left aligned header style and chose the “Ingrid” template for her homepage.

Using Journo’s attention-grabbing blog slider shortcode, she has displayed a few of her articles at the top of the homepage, giving users a taste of what’s to come if they keep exploring the site. Each article preview includes a featured image with an interesting hover effect that makes the photos look like they’re slightly moving from left to right.

On the right side of the screen, you will find a scrollable list that includes the latest blog entries. All the blog singles feature a clickable image of Galfione in the sidebar. When clicked on, this image takes you to her “about” page. The helpful blog categories are displayed below the picture, allowing you to easily find and read about the subjects of your interest. Using Journo’s premade shop layouts and compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, Galfione has crafted an online shop where she sells products made exclusively by Latin American artists.


αθηΝΕΑ website made with the Read and Digest theme

αθηΝΕΑ’s contemporary site was made with the Read and Digest theme. The first thing you see once the site loads is a newsletter pop-up, inviting you to leave your email address if you wish to receive the latest news from this Greek magazine.

The navigation is placed in the hidden menu that contains different categories of articles, so you can jump straight to the content that interests you the most. Recent articles are displayed on the left side of the screen, and you can see them both on the homepage and inner pages.

The content on the homepage is organized into rows. Before each row, there is the name of the category, followed by three selected posts. By clicking on the “View More” button, you can explore the rest of the featured articles. No matter the topic you choose, you will see a search box, helping you narrow down your search in case you’re looking for something specific within a selected category. For example, you can specify the month and the year when an article was published.

The homepage also includes an ad, which is a nice way of monetizing your site. Besides the usual multimedia and textual content, this site also includes several eBooks, which you can read for free. Links to their social network profiles are displayed in the footer, along with their contact details.

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Passport Required

Passport Required website made with the Ebullient theme

Passport Required made an authentic website using the Ebullient theme. Before the content loads, you can sign up for their newsletter by entering your details into a pop-up subscription form. The entire homepage is peppered with visual content, including featured images and a few video blocks. You can roam the page and pick a random article to read, explore the “hot”, “trending”, and “popular” tags, or look for a specific category within the menu. As you hover over “Reads”, a mega menu will appear, containing several links and images related to what you should know before and while you travel. Aside from the terrific choice of featured imagery, the homepage looks even more appealing thanks to the beloved parallax effect. In the top right corner, there is a hamburger icon which opens a hidden menu containing links to the freshest posts.

1883 Magazine

The 1883 Magazine website made with the Maggz theme

The 1883 Magazine picked the Maggz theme and created a website that matches their alternative vibe. The homepage starts off with an exciting slider that includes some of their magazine covers. Inner pages aesthetically look the same as the homepage. The user interface is simple and clear, with sticky menu links written in all caps under the slider. Articles are listed one by one (aside from the top three entries that are organized in the style of the metro layout) along with the homepage. On the right side, there are social media icons and embeds from the magazine’s Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube. Maggz is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and packs an assortment of beautiful shop templates, so they were able to build a modern online store.

Read Poetry

Read Poetry website built with the Journo theme

Read Poetry chose Journo to craft a website for the worldwide poetry-loving community. They’ve incorporated the theme’s newsletter popup feature to the homepage, encouraging visitors to sign up for their email updates.

The theme’s blog slider is at the top of the page, capturing the reader’s attention from the get-go and making the site more dynamic. It contains editors’ picks and a selection of highlighted posts that could be particularly interesting for their readers. Besides their own content, they also added several useful links and articles from around the web that their audience could benefit from.

Using Journo’s premade inner page templates, the Read Poetry team organized their website in a clear and easy-to-navigate way. You can explore the content based on tags or keywords, “like” articles, and share them on social media. There is a page that offers an overview of all featured poets. Upon clicking on their name, a page dedicated to the selected poet will open, containing information about them, articles and videos created by them, as well as links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other sources where you can purchase their books.

Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle website made with the HashMag theme

The website for Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle was also crafted with HashMag. They’ve made the most of the theme’s powerful features to craft a well-organized, impressive-looking online platform. The latest posts are displayed in the header (as well as on the left side of the screen), just above the main navigation. To make the homepage interesting from the start, they’ve added a showcase slider that includes preview images and titles of a few of their articles. The slider is followed by a collection of top stories and post categories, which make it easier for users to find what they’re interested in. Of course, there’s also a search option added to the menu. They’ve opted for a 4-column footer. It includes social channel icons, a list of top stories, links to some of the most important sections of their site, and a few of their latest tweets which are displayed using the HashMag’s Twitter feed widget.

Glitter Rebel

Glitter Rebel website made with the Backpack Traveler theme

Glitter Rebel is the travel blog of Lieze and Joshua. They have created both a great showcase of their adventures and a professional blog using the Backpack Traveler theme. In the header, you will find a practical search bar, along with social media icons. The main menu is well-thought-out and allows for easy content exploration, depending on the country and the city of your interest. The blog slider is at the top of the page, with dreamy imagery that transports you right to the destination in question. Blog singles include a search bar, a map that tells you where the duo is currently based, and an embed from their YouTube channel. You can comment on their posts and subscribe to their email updates.

Destroy the Brain

Destroy the Brain website made with the Weltgeist theme

Destroy the Brain made their website with the magazine theme Weltgeist. A newsletter pop-up is the first thing you will see, inviting you to subscribe to their content. But what makes this pop-up especially practical for readers is that you can prevent it from showing up again simply by checking the appropriate box. A large blog slider greets you once you access the homepage, inviting you to explore some of the featured content. The main navigation is placed in the header, with categories used as menu items. There is also a search option, as well as a hidden menu that contains embeds from Destroy the Brain’s Instagram account. All posts contain a view counter that tells you just how popular each one is among readers. And before you even select something to read or watch, you can check out a preview to get the gist of the content, see the date when it was published, and learn the name of its author.

Art Juice

Art Juice website made with the Journo theme

Art Juice is a French magazine on architecture, cinema, design, music, and other creative arts. They chose the Journo theme for their minimalist and modern site. The menu contains the main categories they write about, but to find something specific, you can simply click on the “U” letter and do a search based on a keyword or a tag. Articles are displayed in two columns and include a preview image and an excerpt. Single posts are enriched with impressive and, at times, quirky images. There are also Facebook and Twitter buttons, allowing you to share articles on these social networks. At the bottom of each page, you will find links to Art Juice’s social media channels and a link to subscribe to their RSS feed.


SheWanderlost website made with the Backpack Traveler theme

SheWanderlost is yet another example of the Backpack Traveler theme in action. The sticky menu lets you explore Rosa Pel’s content according to your interests. Some of the choices include traveling, food, fashion, or maternity advice. The homepage includes picturesque visuals with fun hover effects, which add to the site’s appeal. The content is organized in a clear way and the tagging system is great, which facilitates navigation for the user. Pel has also embedded her Instagram feed on the site and included a language switcher, letting you choose between French and English. You can comment and like posts and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

Pursuit of it All

Pursuit of it All website made with the Journo theme

Pursuit of it All‘s website exemplifies Journo’s prowess. The articles are divided into three major categories which are displayed in the menu, along with the magazine’s social media icons. As you hover over menu links, mega menus appear, introducing you to several subcategories. They include a few articles and featured imagery, making the menu attractive for the user. As we’ve seen on other sites built with Journo, at the top of the homepage there is an alluring blog slider, introducing readers to what’s to come. All articles can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. You can also put a “heart” on articles you found especially good. Aside from the article itself, blog singles include a selection of popular posts, a part of Pursuit of it All’s Instagram and Pinterest feeds, as well as a newsletter subscription form.


iO DONNA website made with the Roslyn theme

Corriere Della Sera’s portal iO Donna was made with Roslyn, a fashion and lifestyle theme for magazines and bloggers. A few of the most popular categories are displayed in the main menu along with the search option, while the complete category list is nestled in the hidden menu on the left, but you can also find it in the four-column footer. As we’ve seen on some of the sites we’ve mentioned earlier, the theme’s blog slider here is also placed just below the main menu. It attractively displays some of the magazine’s most popular content and incites you to continue browsing the site. Articles are displayed in two columns, and the iO DONNA Instagram feed is embedded on the far right, with images automatically changing one after the other. Single pages look as exciting as the homepage, with lots of large images, video content, and embeds from social networks.

Gear Gods

Gear Gods website built with the HashMag theme

The Gear Gods website was built with the powerful HashMag theme. They’ve made the most of the theme’s customizable mega menu and have used it to display content categories along with accompanying visuals in the menu. Once you choose a category, you will see a list of the content featured in it, a list of the latest comments made in that category, and a collection of related tags. Aside from social media icons, the homepage includes a box where you can subscribe to the magazine’s newsletter. There’s also an invite to like their official Facebook account. To facilitate and speed up the user’s quest for a specific category, they’ve added a search option at the top. All pages are chock-full of multimedia content, making the site more memorable and fun for the user.


Travel-Stained website made with the Backpack Traveler theme

Using the Backpack Traveler theme, Travel-Stained has crafted a stunning website for their blog. Appealing blog sliders, captivating imagery, stunning hover effects, and clear navigation are just some of the features that will immediately catch your eye. Upon selecting a specific country you wish to read up on, you will see a link to all related articles, as well as useful links that take you directly to specific sections of the travel guide. And when you select an article to read, there will be a list of the most read articles on the right side of the screen, along with icons that lead to the Travel-Stained social media profiles. Moreover, there is also a sticky area containing social share buttons, enabling you to easily share content on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Mixology website made with the Journo theme

Mixology is an online magazine about bar culture. Using our Journo theme, they’ve crafted a beautiful website that has all the elements an online magazine requires and then some.

Between the top and bottom header areas, you’ll find a preview of Mixology’s 100th edition and a call to action button inviting you to order that issue.

The content is displayed in a well-organized and visually appealing way. Each post includes several tags, facilitating the search for users, as well as a share button, so readers can instantly post them on social channels. There is also a heart-shaped “Like” button that shows up on hover, letting you express your appreciation for the post.

When you open a blog single, you can easily move on to the next or the previous entry by using the “previous/next article” options displayed at the bottom of each post.

Besides the main navigation, the site also includes a hidden menu. This menu is opened via the hamburger icon placed next to “Mehr Mixology”. The menu will slide out from the right side of the page, and it includes links to several of Mixology’s dedicated websites, where they cover specific topics like cocktails, industry awards, the best bars, etc. All of those sites were also made with Journo and, in terms of aesthetics and content organization, they look quite similar to the main Mixology site.

Wear Your Voice

Wear Your Voice site made with the Buzzy theme

Wear Your Voice is a feminist publication for and by LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Their website looks impressive thanks to the Buzzy theme’s assortment of amazing features.

The page starts off with an exciting blog slider which contains some of the latest articles added to the site. The content is beautifully laid out and is very appealing to the eye. Blog singles come with a sticky sidebar and “Previous Post” button. There’s also a search bar, a list of suggested and related articles, as well as Instagram and Twitter feeds.

No matter where you are on the site, links to WYV’s Facebook and Twitter pages are always available in a sticky area at the bottom of the screen. This section also contains the logo of the Complex magazine, which redirects you to their website. You can close this sticky area at any time.

In the header, they’ve added a “Donate Now” section, inviting readers to support them financially via Venmo or Paypal, or to become their patron. There’s also a link to their shop, where you can sort products by category, release date, price, or select a default order. Buzzy’s shop templates include a handy search option, helping people quickly find desired items. You can also filter them by price and category, or use tags to find similar items.

To ensure you can navigate the content more efficiently, the developers added highlighted categories in the upper part of the screen and the menu. You can also use the integrated search functionality.

To stay in the loop with WYV’s content, you can subscribe to their daily emails.

Lisettte Henry

Lisette Henry website made with the Sahel theme

Lisette Henry chose the multi-concept theme, Sahel, and crafted an elegant and minimalist website. Her blog entries are organized into four categories – “Life”, “Food”, “Home”, and “Style”, all of which are featured in the sticky main menu. The blog single pages on this site are fun because of the text + imagery combo, but also because they include the option to pin photos to your Pinterest boards. You can also navigate directly to the previous and next article and comment on Lisette’s posts. Using Sahel’s beautiful layouts, she was able to create a captivating blog that will attract users’ attention thanks to its simple and refined look.


Odprawieni website made with the Backpack Traveler theme

Odprawieni chose the Backpack Travel theme to make their professional website. The first thing that you see is a fullscreen slider that lures you into the authors’ adventurous world of travels. The homepage includes a handpicked selection of articles displayed in a visually appealing way, but you can find them all within the “Blog” menu category. There is also a carousel of their partners as well as an Instagram feed. Social media icons are added to both the header and footer. In the header, besides the main navigation, you will find a “Travels” link, allowing you to read articles on specific countries and continents. Furthermore, you can change language preferences and select either Polish or English. There is also a sticky sidebar that on click, takes you to the contact page. And no matter which section of the homepage you are at, you can always go back to the start of the page thanks to the back-to-top button.

As for pictures from their travels, the pair behind this website has organized them into several galleries. As you select a specific album, fullscreen imagery will show up on the screen, ensuring an immersive browsing experience. Blog single pages include a selection of similar and most popular articles, a list of categories, and an embedded Instagram feed.

Fashion Kitchen

Fashion Kitchen website made with the Backpack Traveler theme

Fashion Kitchen is the wonderfully-looking personal blog of Ann-Christin Weber, which is made with the Backpack Traveler theme. It has all elements a great contemporary blog needs, including a well-structured menu, useful tags, imagery-rich blog sliders, an embedded Instagram feed, and amazing-looking post layouts. The mentioned tagging system on the site is amazing and it helps visitors effortlessly find the topics of their interest.

Weber used one of the theme’s customizable shop templates to create a fully-functional online store. The products are organized into categories and displayed in the masonry style. Beside’s articles and stunning pictures, all blog singles include Weber’s short bio, links to her social media channels, a search bar (which is added to the header, too), a list of the latest and the most popular posts, as well as links where you purchase her products or the outfits she wears.

Six-Word Memoirs

Six-Word Memoirs website made with the Scribbler theme

Six-Word Memoirs is an interesting project launched by the storytelling magazine called Smith Magazine. Their goal was to create a platform that promotes storytelling in only six words. They chose the Scribbler theme for their site and have set the Grid Home template as their homepage. The header includes links to their newsletter subscription, reviews from the press, FAQs, contact information, and the login form (you can create an account or login with your Facebook profile).

They’ve customized Scribbler’s mega menu and displayed all the featured topics in three rows, taking the full width of the screen. Again, there is a practical slider at the top of the homepage that includes a short explanation of what the project is about and links to the FAQ page, an ongoing contest, and their online store.

When you visit the shop, you can sort products by a specific criterion, browse them by category, or select a person who you want to buy a gift for and narrow down your search. Product pages include detailed descriptions, reviews, as well as a list of related items.

Thanks to Scribbler’s testimonials shortcode, the developers have displayed reviews on the homepage that speak volumes of this project’s success. There is also a slider with user profiles. If you click on their avatars, you can discover more about them, follow them so as not to miss their future posts, and read all of their submissions. Memoirs can be shared on all big social media channels.

They’ve also set up a donations page, where users can send them money via PayPal or Venmo to support them. And thanks to the Twitter feed widget, they’ve embedded their posts just above the footer, so you can keep up with their latest tweets directly on the site.

Time & Leisure

Time & Leisure website made with the Journo theme

Time & Leisure built a modern-looking website thanks to the powerful features of the Journo theme. At the very top, there is a collection of their top article picks. Posts are organized by category, with category names written on the left side of the screen, just before articles. The latest stories are added to the right-hand side of the screen, and you will see them on all blog singles, too. There’s even an ad on the homepage, which is displayed using the banner shortcode. And if you like Time & Leisure’s content, you can subscribe to their newsletter and keep up with the latest updates on the luxurious lifestyle. They’ve also displayed their Instagram feed at the bottom of the page, which helps make the homepage look more appealing.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

From impeccably designed blog templates, limitless header styles, and social media-ready elements, to attention-grabbing post and shop layouts, Qode’s blog and magazine themes are the ideal toolkit for every journalist, blogger, magazine, or writer. You can mix and match elements, customize them to your liking, embed feeds from your social media channels, and even sell your products thanks to the themes’ compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin. All of our themes are easy to use and, no matter which one you choose, they will provide you with all you will ever need to launch a professional blog or online magazine.

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