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Top 28 Fashion Websites Made With Qode Interactive Themes

Fashion Websites Made With Qode Interactive Themes

The world of fashion is fast-paced and ever-changing. Everyone is chasing the next trend and striving to create the most unique and revolutionary pieces. But simply coming up with a beautiful collection isn’t enough for success in the industry. It’s also imperative to present your creations to the world professionally and with style. And that’s where our fashion themes come in.

Here at Qode, our creative process revolves around extensive research, bold visual experimentation, and continuous reexamination and revision. We refine and tweak each theme to ensure it’s the ideal fit for the industry it’s intended for. But the world of fashion is so diverse. It encompasses a variety of distinct styles and aesthetics that can be found throughout our entire catalogue of WordPress themes, not just those specifically designed for fashion brands. And the following list of fashion websites is a prime example of that, illustrating the vast range and creative capabilities of all our themes:

Hibu Studio

Hibu Studio website made with the La Comète theme

Hibu Studio is a Portuguese brand founded in 2013 around the core belief that gender is irrelevant to the design of their clothing pieces. That’s why their design aesthetic has a casual and relaxed approach. You can explore their shop and previous collections, and take a look at some of the latest news and happenings related to their studio.

Oyster Footwear

Oyster Footwear website made with the Byanca theme

Founded in Bangkok, Oyster Footwear is a ladies footwear and accessories brand whose main concept is to turn their creations into pieces of contemporary art. They do this by infusing contemporary and minimalist design into their accessories. All their collections are available for sale on their website.


Opia website made with the Manon theme

Opia is a PR and media relations agency that chose the Manon portfolio and agency theme to build their website. The first thing you see is the word “Opia” splashed over the better part of the screen – the name appears with the hero intro effect on page load. The theme is rich with beautifully-designed portfolio templates and shortcodes, which allowed Opia to create a contemporary presentation of their agency and the services they provide. Most pages contain marquee text at the top in large, outlined letters, further adding to the site’s modern look. All pages contain a sticky sidebar with Instagram and YouTube social icons in it.

Nadia Catini

Nadia Catini website made with the Bazaar theme

Nadia Catini is an Italian shoe brand that creates shoes with high-quality leather, including alligator, python, and calf. Nature drives Nadia’s motivation to a large extent, while her passion for design, knowledge of materials and the ability to transform is what ultimately helps her craft elegant and unique shoes.


Planta website made with the Fey theme

Planta was founded on a simple idea – to create some good in the world by gathering the best environment-friendly products from carefully selected eco-friendly brands. Their philosophy is that the quality of what people wear should be as important as the food they eat. Here you can browse through their online shop and explore different categories, from accessories and casual wear to shoes and bags.


T2M FASHION website made with the Fierce theme

As a leading distributor in the Australian and New Zealand fashion & retail industry, T2M FASHION carefully hand-picks unique brands from all over the globe to create a community for fashion and retail concepts. Their team of sales and marketing creatives specializes in doing the wholesale distribution of premium fashion and lifestyle brands and strives to bring impeccable quality services to their customers.


Moznabi website made with the Bazz theme

Using earthy colors as well as dreamy photographs and fullscreen videos, Moznabi created a refined presentation of their jewelry. The use of the parallax effect adds to the site’s elegance and so do the typography choices. Bazz packs more than 800 Google typefaces, which gave Moznabi a lot of options to choose from and font combinations to play with. The site is essentially simple, with lots of visuals on all pages and not that much text, following the adage that images are worth more than a thousand words. The theme’s predefined gallery templates enabled the brand to display their items in a way that will surely catch the attention of all visitors, with lots of fullscreen imagery and attractive scrolling animations. Product single pages include the wishlist option, and there’s also a list of related items displayed at the bottom. Social icons are added to both the header and the footer, and you can also subscribe to Moznabi’s newsletter. If you’d like to have a more personalized experience on the site, consider creating an account.

Lotte Schriek

Lotte Schriek website made with the Bridge theme

Lotte Schriek is a fashion and beauty photographer. Using the Bridge theme, she made sure to create a website that will keep your attention focused solely on her work. The site’s layout is simple, rich with photographs, videos, and containing little text. The homepage includes a split slider showcase that offers a glimpse into Schriek’s photography. The fullscreen menu, with one of the artist’s images used as the background, appears on the screen after you click on the hamburger icon. On the “Commercial” page, the portfolio list is arranged in an attractive metro style, while the “About” section contains info on Schriek, links to her social media, and an Instagram feed embed.

Hidden Eyewear

Hidden Eyewear website made with the Bridge theme

The monospaced fonts and mostly black-and-white visuals make Hidden Eyewear’s site look eye-catching and futuristic. The main navigation is displayed in the header, with some practical links featured in the footer. The layout is essentially simple, with the Bridge theme’s templates and elements customized so as to drive the visitors’ undivided attention toward the sunglasses. Aside from creating imagery-rich product lists and singles, the brand has also embedded their Instagram feed, adding to the attractiveness of their site. They’ve also set up a blog, which allows them to engage more with their audience. And if you would like to personalize the site’s features to your preferences, you can do so by registering an account.

Gisel B.

Gisel B. website made with the Fey theme

Gisel B. is a brand that produces and offers sustainable and delicate jewelry pieces with a chic and timeless design. Their offer ranges from necklaces and rings to earrings and wedding jewelry. Some of the materials they use for crafting their fine jewelry pieces include pearl, cultured pearl and opal.


Kimmiu website made with the Byanca theme

From background videos, images splashed across the entire screen, and a combination of black-and-white and full-color visuals, to product carousels, detailed product presentations, social integration, and the smooth parallax effect, Kimmiu’s website has everything a modern eCommerce site should have. The Byanca theme is compatible with the WooCommerce and YITH plugins, allowing users to add items they like to a wishlist and purchase them in just a few clicks. Moreover, the theme enables order tracking, letting buyers keep track of the status of their order. Plus, each item can be shared on social media. The footer is organized into four columns, containing social icons, some useful quick links, and the subscription button.

Sabine Reiter

Sabine Reiter website made with the Assemble theme

Sabine Reiter selected the Assemble theme, which enabled her to create a minimalist and elegant portfolio site and a memorable presentation of her skills. She opted for the masonry portfolio list layout, adding to the modern feel of the entire site. The magazine covers are at the forefront, with the main navigation hidden from immediate view. To explore other pages, you need to click on the hamburger icon. Portfolio singles feature details about the selected project as well as social icons, so you can spread the word about Reiter’s works. There are no superfluous details on the site, just photographs and essential information about the projects and the artist herself, which helps keep visitors’ focus on her portfolio the entire time.


KEHA website made with the Nightshade theme

KEHA Photo is a website owned by an Austrian photographer who focuses on fashion and beauty photos. Apart from her passion for fashion photography, she wants to not only inspire people but also spread awareness about current global and socio-cultural issues. Once you’re on her website, you can view her rich and interesting portfolio and also check out her blog.

L’Elue Collectif

L’Elue Colectif website made with the Bridge theme

Another modern-looking example of a fashion agency website is that of L’Elue Colectif, made with Bridge. Much of its contemporary appeal is owed to the use of large typography which is omnipresent in captions. The agency chose the two-column layout for their homepage, and going from one section to the next feels as if changing presentation slides. The site is rich with short and effective texts that tell us the story about the L’Elue Collectif, and it’s adorned with largely monochromatic elements and some enticing portfolio visuals, exemplifying the agency’s creativity. Both header and footer are simple, containing links that will help you navigate the site. They also contain the Instagram icon and the link to their email, enabling you to follow their work and contact them with ease.

Graellsia Madrid

Graellsia Madrid website made with the Tonda theme

Created in 2014, Graellsia Madrid is a project made by a mother and daughter who united their knowledge of art and economics in order to create artisan jewelry. Largely inspired by nature, their jewelry pieces are made to adjust to anyone’s taste, and they do everything they can to make their clients feel special. Some of the materials they use when handcrafting their pieces include mother of pearl, brass, glass, velvet, and cold porcelain, among others.

La Vern

La Vern website made with the Imogen theme

La Vern is a freelance make-up artist based in Berlin. With a background in photography and architecture, she has a proclivity for art and a strong sense for detail. Her website allows you to check out her portfolio and contact her in case you wish to work with her on any fashion shoots, videos, or collaborations.

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LA Fashion Week

LA Fashion week website made with the Kloe theme

LA Fashion Week is the official fashion week event of the city of Los Angeles. This organization takes pride in being a leader when it comes to supporting the growing community of LA artists and designers and giving them a platform to showcase their creations to the world. On their website you can find detailed info about their designers, as well as check out their official schedule and view an image gallery of past events.

Fashion for Compassion

Fashion for Compassion website made with the Allure theme

Fashion for Compassion is a blog on vegan fashion and diet, and is filled with tips on how to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle. Allure’s pre-made templates allowed the author to take her blogging up a notch and present her articles in a stylish way. Blog categories are displayed in the sticky menu, allowing you to quickly start reading on the topic that interests you the most. The menu is followed by a carousel that includes the selection of the author’s favorite fashion pieces. The sidebar is packed with elements, including a short introduction and a few words about the blog, a PayPal button inviting you to support the author, an embedded video from YouTube, the most popular posts, blog categories, the search field, as well as an overview of the awards the blog has won and the causes it supports. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and follow the author on social media (social links are displayed in the header). The entire site is filled with visuals, including the Instagram feed embedded at the bottom section of the site, keeping your eyes glued to the screen at all times.

Sarah Paaschburg

Sarah Paaschburg website made with the Azalea theme

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, Sarah Paaschburg helps create brand identities across various platforms. She has worked as a fashion stylist and has created campaigns and tutorials for both local and international brands. On her website, you will be able to browse through her extensive portfolio.

Billioné Rikko

Billioné Rikko website made with the Bridge theme

Billioné Rikko is another brand that chose Bridge for their site. The theme’s powerful and customizable options allowed them to create an elegant presentation of their company that’s on par with their luxurious products. Once the site loads, the first thing you see is a fullscreen video and an up close presentation of one of their sneakers. The parallax effect then introduces you to other sections on the homepage where more of Rikko’s sneakers are exhibited. The store page and product singles alike are filled with high-quality photos and videos, inciting you to press the “Add to Cart” button. If you’d like to receive regular updates from the brand, you can subscribe to their newsletter. You can also find and follow them on social media simply by clicking on social icons displayed throughout the site.

Blog de Nuria

Blog de Nuria website made with the Roslyn theme

Blog de Nuria looks simple and elegant thanks to Roslyn’s beautifully crafted blog templates. Upon the first scroll, a sticky menu appears along with the hidden menu icon. The main navigation contains blog categories while the hidden menu stores a contact form. The theme comes with an integrated search option, and you’ll find the magnifying glass that launches it next to the main menu. In the upper section of the site, the author displayed five of her latest entries using a 5 Post Carousel shortcode. The carousel includes the name of each article, the date when it was published, its category, the number of comments garnered so far, as well as preview images. The sidebar contains social media icons (which are also displayed in the footer), the option to subscribe to Nuria’s newsletter, as well as a selection of articles from the “Beauty” category. Towards the bottom of the homepage, there’s another carousel of the most recent fashion-focused articles.

Hilo Cusco

Hilo Cusco website made with the Azalea theme

The Hilo Cusco website is owned by Elbin Cassidy, a fashion designer who first started her journey in 2003 while making handmade clothing in Peru. Today, she owns a boutique in the artisanal quarter of San Blas, Cusco, and she individually creates each piece from Peruvian-sourced fabrics made of 100% alpaca fleece. Her website allows you to browse through her diverse collection, read her journal and, of course, get in touch if you’re interested in having a clothing piece custom made for you (she also accepts wedding orders).

Stefan Imielski

Stefan Imielski website made with the Zenit theme

Stefan Imielski is an international fashion photographer based in Munich, Germany. He discovered his passion for photography while working as a model. Now, he has the experience of working in major fashion capitals across the globe and has also collaborated with the likes of models such as Isabeli Fontana, Ana Beatriz Barros, Elyse Taylor, and Petra Nemcova, to name a few.

Pooja Mor

Pooja Mor website made with the Bridge theme

Pooja Mor made a portfolio website with Bridge, introducing visitors to her modeling career. The layout is simple, with the main navigation displayed in the header, followed by a string of her images from various magazines. On the left side of the screen, the sticky sidebar contains a link to post archives, so you can see all the photos she posted in one place. Portfolio singles are rich with images and include information about the selected project. Portfolio navigation arrows are displayed at the bottom of the page, allowing you to switch from one project to the next. You can share her photographs on Facebook and Twitter, and there’s also a “Like” button on the site, so you can show some love for her content. She’s also set up a blog where she shares stories on various topics with her audience. Articles are tagged and organized into several categories. You can explore them based on a keyword using the search option. The bottom section of the blog contains links to Mor’s social channels and a subscribe button.

Carl Wiking

Carl Wiking website made with the Grayson theme

Carl Wiking’s core philosophy is that elegance shouldn’t be the privilege that only a select few people get to have – rather, it should be available to all who seek it. Drawing inspiration from their Swedish heritage, they express this idea through the minimalistic and ageless design present in their bags and accessories. On their site, you can explore and buy different bags, watches and other accessories from their modest, but unique collection.

Maurice Whittingham

Maurice Whittingham website made with the Bazz theme

Maurice Whittingham’s website was built with the Bazz WooCommerce theme. The site is loaded with attractively displayed photo content, all thanks to the theme’s practical shortcodes such as the Product List Carousel and the Shop Masonry Gallery. There are several video embeds, too, as well as fullscreen videos, which make the browsing experience all the more engrossing for users. The shop list includes a full-height image that remains fixed while you scroll through the rest of the collection in the other part of the screen. The theme is compatible with the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin, so you can take a look at an item without leaving the product list. Moreover, you can add items to your wishlist which can be quickly accessed by clicking on the heart-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Bazz includes an integrated search option, which speeds up the process of finding the desired product.


Cleonis website made with the Depot theme

Cleonis is a French online clothes shop that focuses on selling different types of winter wear for women, including shawls, caps, and mittens, among others. Apart from the ability to buy their items, you can view the latest news related to the shopping items, as well as some useful sewing and knitting tutorials.

Wrapping Up

From fashion brands and online stores to photography portfolios and make-up businesses, the websites created with our themes cover all aspects of the fashion industry. But more importantly, they successfully present the identity and values of their respective brands in a professional and stylish manner. Even though they offer different types of products and services and have their own unique philosophies, these websites have one thing in common – they’ve all been created with Qode themes. And we hope they can serve to inspire you and perhaps spark some ideas that will lead to the creation of your own fashion website.

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