7 Best Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress

Best Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress

It’s safe to say that a shopping cart is an essential part of any eCommerce store. Inspired by the concept of a real wheeled cart that you get when shopping in a physical store, this virtual version of the shopping cart brings multiple benefits to the customers that are looking to buy products online. Aside from allowing them to add/remove multiple products to/from a product list before their purchase, they should also include the ability to choose different payment options, like Stripe, Apple Pay, etc. But nowadays, there are even more advanced features and functionalities available you can implement into your shopping cart system and take the buying experience of your customers to a whole new level. And this is where WordPress shopping cart plugins come into the picture.

If you’re using the powerful WordPress CMS platform to power your online store, you’re in luck. There are many WordPress plugins in the shopping cart category available that will allow you to fully enhance the shopping cart functionality on your eCommerce site. We’ve decided to make things easier for you and list some of the very best WordPress shopping cart plugins that can be found on the web. Each plugin has some great unique features that will make the customers’ shopping process much easier and smoother as a whole. There are also some options specifically made to work with the most popular eCommerce WordPress plugin – WooCommerce. So, make sure to check them all out:

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WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce

WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce

WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce is a powerful shopping cart plugin that will allow customers to add their products to the cart without ever having to leave or reload the page they’re on. Users will be able to take different actions all by using one single screen. These actions include the ability to review their order, continue to checkout, or keep shopping. If you want, you can set your cart to appear as an overlay on any page you like. You will be able to easily enable or disable the overlay effect, apply various styles, customize cart details such as text and buttons, switch on/off the ability to automatically reload the cart when opening pages and display suggested products, etc.

Also, a quick note – you need to install the WPC AJAX Add to Cart plugin first to display the Fly Cart popup on single product pages without having to reload the page.

There’s also the premium version of the plugin that comes packed with awesome advanced options, like the ability to enable/disable instant checkout, shipping cost and calculation, access to lifetime support and updates, and more.

The premium version of the WPC Fly Cart plugin is available for €36.

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart is yet another great WordPress cart and eCommerce plugin that not only offers the options for creating a streamlined cart experience for your customers, but also comes with other great eCommerce options. These include the ability to offer digital and downloadable products, and even sell gift cards. The plugin also has full payment service support, including Stripe, PayPal Express, and Square.

Suppose you upgrade to the premium version of the WP EasyCart plugin. In that case, you will get to use features like recurring payments, use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and more than 30 other payment processors, and the ability to promote coupons. Plus, you can also dive into some social commerce and market and sell your products on social media thanks to their Facebook and Instagram extensions.

The pricing for the pro version is as low as $69 a year if you buy a multi-year license. If you also want to unlock premium apps and extensions, then you need to spend around $89 a year.



CartFlows is a smart shopping cart plugin for WordPress that promises to level up your store. It makes it easy to create sales funnels, upsells, order bumps, dynamic offers and a whole lot more.

CartFlows can also optimize your checkout page to minimize friction, help recover abandoned carts and includes a built-in A/B testing tool so you can improve as you go. It’s a powerful plugin that can help you make more from each sale as well as more sales.

The intuitive controls and visual sales funnel builder mean anyone, with any level of skill can create high conversion funnels. There are also templates for everything, so if you don’t want to build something yourself, there are templates you can import and use right away.

CartFlows has been designed to deliver maximum flexibility with minimum effort. All tools are easy to use, come with full explanations and tooltips and there is extensive documentation to help. There are even video walkthroughs that help you every step of the way.

The tiered pricing starts at $79/year for the CartFlows Starter plan.

Easy PayPal Shopping Cart

Easy PayPal Shopping Cart

Hosted on PayPal, Easy PayPal Shopping Cart is a plugin that will let you sell your products with the help of Add to Cart and View Cart buttons. It allows you to insert the Add to Cart button anywhere you want on your website, and your customers will get to pay for the products they’re interested in using their PayPal accounts. You will be able to pick from two different PayPal button styles, determine how you want the PayPal window to open, and perform PayPal testing using PayPal Sandbox. Moreover, you will get clear instructions on how to sign up for both accounts in case you don’t have those.

All in all, this is a simple but powerful plugin that will allow you to sell your products through PayPal within minutes. But if you want access to even more features, like the ability to charge fixed tax, shipping, and handling per item, apply a fixed discount per item, and get a few other button customization options, you can purchase Easy Paypal Shopping Cart Pro. Its cost for a single site starts at $39.99.

WordPress Simple Shopping Cart

WordPress Simple Shopping Cart

With WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart, you will be able to insert the Add to Cart button into any page, post, or widget area and sell any type of product with the utmost ease. Customers will be able to view the items in their cart and you can also allow them to easily change the product quantity and/or remove any items they want.

There’s also the ability to use the smart PayPal payment buttons and checkout in a popup window, use coupons, view orders, etc. And one of the best things about it all is that the plugin is simple and lightweight so it doesn’t put any additional load on your site.

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

As its name suggests, Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce is a great plugin that will help you with abandoned cart recovery. And it offers some great features to do so as well, like the ability to check whether the cart has been abandoned, track the percentage of the recovery that has been performed, send reminder emails after the cart is abandoned, and more.

The free version of the Abandoned Cart plugin comes with all the basic options you may need for a decent abandoned cart recovery, but if you want even more options, you can go pro as well. Some of the features you get are the ability to capture emails when a user clicks on Add to Cart, delete abandoned orders after a specific number of days automatically, create and send coupon codes together with abandoned cart reminder emails, use exit-intent popups before users leave the site altogether, and more.

The pro version is available at a price of $149 a year.

Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout

Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout

Digital Download Goods Checkout for WooCommerce is a plugin ideal for stores selling downloadable digital and virtual products, like pdf files, audio files, music, photos, ebooks, etc., that do not need fields like billing and shipping address. This plugin will help you get rid of any of these fields from the checkout page, making the entire buying process simpler and faster for customers and thus reducing shopping cart abandonment immensely.

You will be able to set quick checkout on all downloadable and virtual products, enable (or disable) the quick checkout button on checkout, shop, and single product pages, and exclude multiple fields on checkout. The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce virtual and downloadable products.

If you want to have more features, you can upgrade to the pro version of the plugin (available at $29 for a single-site license). Some of the pro features include the ability to apply the quick checkout feature to all digital products or just select categories or tags, allow customers to fill in the additional fields only after the payment, and decide on which regular and WooCommerce user roles will be able to use the quick checkout button and which ones won’t, etc.

Choose Your Ideal WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

That concludes our list of WordPress shopping cart plugins capable of helping you fully improve the functionality and user-friendliness of your shopping cart system. If you install and use one of these plugins, you can only expect to minimize shopping cart abandonment and get more sales in the long run.

Of course, which plugin you will go for depends on your particular needs as well as which eCommerce platform you plan to use for your eCommerce store. If you’re using the powerful WooCommerce platform already, you can’t go wrong with plugins like WPC FlyCart or Abandoned Cart Lite. Plugins like these are fully WooCommerce compatible and only further add to its existing functionalities by offering features that can help reduce the overall cart abandonment. But if you want to opt for using another eCommerce platform, then we recommend going for plugins like WP EasyCart or WordPress Simple Shopping Cart. On top of additional cart options, these plugins also have all the options you may need to successfully market your products, including coupon promotion, the ability to sell all kinds of products, etc. You just need to take your ideal pick and then you can start improving the shopping experience of your customers right away.

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