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10 Best Call Center Software for 2024

Best Call Center Software

The modern age has introduced many different possibilities for companies to give support to their clients, including automated systems that provide the desired information in a matter of seconds. Still, companies that can deliver real-time interaction with specialized call center agents are often considered more reliable and trustworthy. Despite all the technological advances, the personalized service that you can offer via call center software is the most popular kind of customer support.

The reason why call center software is so useful is that it enables you to connect customers with the designated agents thanks to the features such as call routing and interactive voice response. Many call center software will also typically include tools to help you control omnichannel interactions.

Some of the additional advantages these software solutions bring to you are that they provide you with the data and tools to streamline managing a call center and gain insight into what’s working and what isn’t. Maybe you need to monitor typical call durations, review satisfying or unsatisfying client interactions, and determine which agents are doing well and which ones need additional instruction – that’s all possible with the right choice of call center software.

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Things to Consider While Selecting a Call Center Platform

Before you make your choice, it would be a wise idea to get to know more about the common features most call center software offers. If you are already using a call center platform, it may still be useful for you to check if it includes the features that are considered standard:

  • Omnichannel support – customers increasingly demand service across a multitude of channels, and the top call center platforms provide it. You can address customer issues via a chatbot, on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, as well as via SMS texts or phone calls, improving customer satisfaction in the process and cutting down on the number of necessary calls.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) – processes incoming calls similarly to an automated chatbot. Therefore, if a consumer phones in and requests information, you might be able to provide it via an IVR function.
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) – functions similarly to interactive voice response (IVR). The customer gets to select the service they need from the menu, and after their selection, they are connected to the suitable agents automatically.
  • Ticket management, (CRM) is available on many call center platforms. It’s crucial to pick a call center platform that works with other applications you may currently use because not all of them do.

Now that you are aware of the qualities to look for in call center software, we can share our list of the top call center options for various types of businesses.



If you are looking for a powerful call center solution that can cater to large businesses, Nextiva may be what you are looking for. Nextiva is a top rated cloud-based call center and, as such, requires no hardware and is easy to set up. Whether you just need voice communication or plan on including chat, text, and email, Nextiva can provide you with all the features you need.

To make or receive calls, agents simply log into their Nextiva account. You can let your agents set up their Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) status. This means they will be able to sign in or out of call center queues and chat with team members, which is great for them to keep them updated on the latest developments. They can also take calls on their mobile phones. This is an excellent solution if you rely on remote employees.

Nextiva also includes a call pop feature that allows your agents to see important customer information – data instantly retrieved from your CRM, on their screen when the phone rings. This way, they can always be adequately prepared for the customer and you can be sure you are providing top customer service.

Robust reporting and supervisor tools such as call monitoring and call recording will help you always keep your agents’ performance and customer satisfaction in check. As for pricing, you can choose between three pricing plans, with prices starting at $18.95 per month.



If you are thinking about adding a call center to your business, but are not willing to invest significant funds right from the start, you may be interested in exploring what HubSpot has to offer. Its free version includes all the essential qualities necessary for a good call center service, such as ticketing, contact management, live chat, team email, tickets, closed reports, reporting dashboard, and shared inbox. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with AirCall.

If you are already using HubSpot’s sales and marketing platforms, choosing to go with its call center software, too, will allow your agents to have access to all the customer information collected from these other platforms in a single view. The premium versions include features like a knowledge base that allows you to turn frequently asked questions into a user-friendly library of help articles, videos, and documentation.

Multiple ticket pipelines, logged-in visitor identification, team management tools, and more advanced features are also offered in the three premium plans. Pricing for the premium plans start at $45 per month.



CloudTalk is a well-rounded call center software that can meet the needs of businesses of all sorts and sizes. It comes with a wide array of unique features that you can customize and combine to offer top quality customer service. You can, for instance, enable your agents to choose how to distribute incoming calls thanks to the custom queue feature, set call transfers, and ensure each incoming call is directed to the most suitable call center agent.

You can personalize your customer support by setting a preferred agent for each client. This option provides many possibilities if, for example, you have VIP clients or segmented customers in some other way. In case you want to limit the availability of your agents to specific business hours, you can define these hours and set a special personalized absence message with a personalized greeting and music and direct the customers to leave voicemails.

Prices start at $25 and there’s also the possibility of creating a tailor-made service pack with a customized price.



RingCentral is a popular commercial VoIP service provider that lets you set up a cloud-based call center for businesses of all scopes. What’s special about RingCentral is that it offers targeted solutions in line with your niche. It provides more than a messaging, video, and phone hub – RingCentral supports organizing virtual events that can cater to up to 10,000 viewers.

Apart from pre-made app integrations with popular business solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Salesforce, and Dropbox, with RingCentral, you can also set up custom integrations thanks to their open platform.

As an omnichannel solution, RingCentral allows you to set up rules for calling routes depending on availability, capacity, and other factors. You can also set customized rules to manage customer service more efficiently across multiple channels. Thanks to features such as the team calendar and the ability to schedule incoming calls depending on traffic numbers, you can also manage your support team more easily.

RingCentral also includes detailed metrics about your support team performance and customer satisfaction. The gamification feature allows you to reward agents for good performance. It is also possible to set up call monitoring, key performance indicators (KPIs) for real-time monitoring, agent performance tracking, self-service resources, and more. What’s particularly interesting is that you can create unique statistics dashboards using data visualization and root cause analysis tools.

As for pricing, there are four pricing plans offered, with prices starting at $19.99 per month. There’s the possibility to set up a custom pricing plan with selected features for your business. You can also test the software by opting for a free trial.



Freshdesk is a full omnichannel customer support solution. It comes with a powerful ticketing system that allows you to track and handle incoming support tickets from multiple channels via a single inbox. You can also set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different categories. To boost your support team’s efficiency, you can also set up canned responses for common questions.

Features like team huddle and linked tickets allow your team to cooperate on complex customer issues. Omnichannel support is also included so you can manage all support-related communications via social media, email, chat, website, etc. Thanks to the reporting tools, you can also track agent performance and use the information you acquire to improve customer service.

With Freshdesk, you can easily set up a worldwide contact center. It also includes many practical features, such as the ability to build up automatic voice answers employing artificial intelligence, options for call recordings, call transcripts, call lifecycle information, voice bots, speech-enabled IVR, etc.

Freshdesk offers a free version that can support up to 10 agents, and three premium plans with prices starting at $15 per month.



Ooma is an all-in-one virtual, cloud-based, call center solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. This platform allows you to set up a cloud contact center and offer first-rate customer service with ease.

It comes with an intelligent call routing feature that allows you to reduce long call queues by connecting clients with the appropriate agent. Additionally, you can design unique call flows for your support team. The drag-and-drop call flow builder that comes included allows you to quickly create a call sequence.

Some of the most popular features offered by Ooma also include multi-level IVR and automated call distribution depending on caller information, business hours, and agent abilities. The feature that stands out is smart reconnect – in case the conversation between the agent and the customer is interrupted, smart reconnect allows you to reunite the customer with the agent they were speaking to before the conversation stopped.

Tools for tracking customer service performance are also included, so you can easily supervise the work of your agents. As for the prices, they vary depending on the region.



8×8 is a full-contact center solution that is an excellent choice for big businesses and enterprises. It allows you to offer your staff the best possible base by integrating all of your channels into one place. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for all users of all levels.

Some of the top features are skills-based call routing, queued callback, online callback, and IVR (interactive voice response). It is also possible to set up ring groups so that agents can distribute calls between themselves more efficiently.

Real-time analytics and reporting tools are also included. The information provided by these tools can be accessed from any device so you can have complete details about the customer journeys and waiting times for each customer across all channels. The private knowledge base feature allows you to equip your agents with all the information they need to provide the best customer service easily.

8×8 Contact Center also fully supports integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. Plus, it provides top-notch security as well as tools to protect the privacy of sensitive data entry fields. A 30-day free trial is offered and the prices start at $15 per month.



CrazyCall is a great choice if your company is mostly sales-focused and you operate with large sales teams. It includes features like click-to-call, callback widgets, call scripts, call monitoring, auto-dialing, and call transfers.

You will easily notice that all the features are specifically designed to help you maximize sales at your call center. Additionally, CrazyCall offers excellent solutions for e-commerce stores, small enterprises, and support teams. Plus, it even provides options for generating leads on your website. The call script feature, for instance, allows you to make cold calling easier for your agents by providing them with a personalized call script. A simple, clean interface lets your agents focus entirely on the conversation without unnecessary distractions on the screen.

As for the prices, all plans include a free phone number, an API, integrations, and round-the-clock customer service. Every month, 122 nations are eligible for the free minutes. Calls to US landlines begin at only $0.01 per minute after that. Thanks to a 14-day trial period, you may test this product for free to see whether it works for you. You can choose between two pricing plans with prices starting at $20 per month.



LiveAgent is a user-friendly, cloud-based call center software. It comes with all the features needed for quality customer service, like IVR, callback requests, call transfers, unlimited call recording, smart call routing, and many more. You can also set up video conference calling, in-app push alerts, chatbots, and automatic call distribution (ACD) to streamline the work of your support team. Agents can add private notes to their tickets, only visible to them, to manage their workflow more efficiently.

The software integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot. Additionally, it works well with email marketing tools like Mailchimp and AWeber. You also have the option of adding a live chat button and integrating it with your WordPress website.

LiveAgent offers a free version and three premium plans with prices that vary depending on the number of your agents.



Talkdesk provides software and solutions to support and boost staff engagement, reporting, and customer involvement. However, their contact center software is the product they are most famous for. It’s a complete customer experience solution made to cater to the demands and expectations of the modern consumer. It also offers targeted solutions depending on the niche you operate in.

Some of the most prominent features of Talkdesk include an outbound dialer, call recording, omnichannel support, agent desktop and mobile agent tools, AI virtual assistant, etc. It also offers the option for customer self-service, allowing you to optimize and streamline the work of call center agents. Thanks to the reporting and analytics features, you will also easily gain insights into your employees’ performance.

Talkdesk also includes collaboration tools that enhance communication between your agents, support teams, and different departments to provide the best service to the customer as swiftly as possible.

This software supports integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. TalkDesk’s prices start at $75 per month and there’s also the possibility of creating a custom plan.

In Conclusion

Although today’s world is digital, phone assistance is still essential for providing excellent customer service. Quality call center software is necessary for your business to thrive and stay competitive. Any company that offers live customer support may profit from call center software. Nextiva is a well-rounded solution that can meet the needs of complex organizations. If you need a simpler tool, you may find LiveAgent interesting. If what concerns you most is sales, Crazy Call is an excellent choice. Each option in this list comes with different advantages, so we encourage you to analyze your needs and compare them to the features offered by these tools. That way, you will find it way easier to make the right choice.

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