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How to Create Live Sale Notifications for Your WooCommerce Shop

How to Create Live Sale Notifications for Your WooCommerce Shop

There are many strategies you can use to boost sales on your WooCommerce site, like setting up free shipping or adding coupons, to name only a few. But among all those strategies, using social proof might be easily one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential customers. To be more specific, by adding live WooCommerce notifications to your site, you can easily inform your visitors about any important happenings on your online store and effectively enhance the overall credibility of your business, which can only lead to more sales and conversions in the long run.

So that’s why this time around, we’ve decided to talk more about the effectiveness of using live WooCommerce notifications on your online store. Then, we will also explain how to easily add live sale notifications to your own WooCommerce site, so make sure to keep reading.

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What Are Live Sale Notifications and Why You Should Add Them to Your WooCommerce Store?

As we’ve already said in the beginning, using social proof is a great way to increase the online credibility of your business. This can include different types of product reviews, business testimonials, or, in our case, live notifications related to your products.

Now, when it comes to live notifications, these usually represent a popup that lets your visitors know about any new product sales you might have on your site at that very moment. The thing is, these notifications can indicate to users that people are actually buying your products and can also help create a sense of urgency. As a result, many users won’t want to miss an opportunity to make their purchase. So ultimately, they may become motivated to go ahead and buy your products as well.

Aside from letting visitors know about any real-time product purchases, you can also use these WooCommerce notifications to alert them each time a customer leaves a positive rating, subscribes to any of your services, and so on. All these notifications can only contribute to your brand’s reputation and can help you boost your sales and conversions, so we highly recommend that you apply this strategy to your WooCommerce store.

With all that said, let’s see how you can easily set up live WooCommerce notifications on your own eCommerce store with a plugin.

Creating Live Sale WooCommerce Notifications With a Plugin

To effectively create and add live sale WooCommerce notifications on your site, we recommend using a plugin called Woomotiv. This plugin is available for free on and allows you to display sale notifications in different areas of your site with ease. These include the ability to display notifications about most recent sales or simply display them at random, put up notifications about new product reviews, and even create custom notifications (about a new subscription, new coupon offer, etc.). You will also be able to add a featured image to products you’re notifying customers about, change the size of your popups, use different positions, shapes, animations, get access to unlimited colors, and more.


Configuring the Plugin’s General Settings and Editing Content Template

After you install the plugin and activate it, you can proceed to configure its settings by heading to the Woomotiv page (you will find the link with the same name in your WordPress admin dashboard).

In the General settings tab, you will instantly see plenty of options you can adjust according to your preferences. For one, you will be able to choose whether to display recent sales or to display them randomly.

Woomotiv General Tab

You can also choose not to repeat the same sales/reviews popups, display orders that have a “processing” status, choose the number of popups you wish to display, delay the time (in seconds) between two different notifications, and more.

Just make sure to hit the Save changes button once you’re done with adjusting your preferred settings.

Next, in the Content Template tab, you will be able to edit the way your sale and review content template will look like.

Content Template

Creating a Custom Popup and Configuring Other Plugin Options

The Custom Popups tab contains options that will let you create your own custom popup. You can place any notification you want here by hitting the Edit button.

Custom Popups

Then, you will get to upload your own image, content, URL, and expiry date (in case you want to create a popup with a product on sale or a limited-time coupon, for example).

Custom Popup

In addition, you can use the Advanced tab to set options such as disabling the popup link and setting the maximum number of words for the product title.

Woomotiv Advanced

Then, there’s the Filters tab that contains the options to show or hide notifications on all pages and exclude specific pages from having notifications. Here you can also hide notifications on all articles, exclude specific products from showing in popups, and so on.

Woomotiv Filters

As its name suggests, the Style tab will allow you to adjust the styling of your live notifications, such as font size (both on desktop and mobile), the shape of your popups, size, and the position on the page (Bottom Right, Top Center, Top Left, Bottom Left, etc.). In addition, you will get to choose the opening animation as well as different colors (background, text, close button colors, etc.). You will be able to see all the changes live as you adjust the styling according to your preferences.

Woomotiv Style

Of course, each tab contains the Save changes button that you should click on once you are done with adjusting all the settings.

Here’s an example of what your live notification can look like after configuring some of the options and styling the popup:

Result Preview

In Conclusion

Adding live sale notifications to your WooCommerce site can only help improve the credibility of your online store and boost your sales. We suggest that you try using the Woomotiv plugin to create, customize, and add different types of popups to your pages quickly and effortlessly. Not only is the plugin extremely lightweight and easy to use, but it also comes with every option you may need to completely customize the look of your notifications according to your specific needs. This includes adjusting the styling, adding custom images and content, showcasing custom popups, selecting specific pages you want your popups to be displayed (or not displayed) on, and more. We encourage you to go ahead and start the process of making your online business look trustworthy enough to convert your new site visitors into actual buyers.

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