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10+ Most Profitable Blog Niches

Most Profitable Blog Niches

There was a time, not so long ago (some scant eons in internet time) when everybody and their aunt had a blog. Nowadays, it’s podcasts. Still, people start up new blogs and have success monetizing them literally daily. A naively idealistic sort of person might just try “doing their own thing” and hoping for the best, but we all know from experience that very few of those are successful in monetizing whatever they are good at. While it may seem cynical to look at what are the currently most profitable blog niches when brainstorming a blog, that more or less just belies good planning. It means investing time, effort, and money into something thought-through, rather than something random.

A blogging niche is nothing more than a set of topics and motifs, combined with an angle of approach. If you think about it, it is nothing but logical that a blog should have it. In this article, we will be talking about recent trends, with an eye towards helping you to monetize your blog. As we have said repeatedly in several earlier articles, and as you probably understand yourself, there is no map to success – there are no hard and fast rules. However, there are regularities that crop up when you look at the blogging scenes as a whole, be they popular blog niches, blog topics, or styles.

So think of this article as a meditation on how to monetize your blog, rather than a road map. People are different – readers and bloggers alike – and there is no one single path to success. That said, trends are real and regularities occur. Thinking ahead about a direction you wish to take your blog in is anything but disingenuous: “you being you” can take multiple forms. Sometimes even at the same time – maybe a fusion of topics and styles is what your thing really is!

Here’s what we’d like to talk to you about.

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Food Blogging: Everybody Eats

Food Blogging

Everybody has to eat, right? Most people rely on themselves to convert a set of ingredients into something palatable. But it’s not only that: food ties into ethics, politics, sustainability, aesthetics… anything, really. And it is something you can easily say affects you and everybody else. People go on about “writing what you know”, and that is as overused a phrase as we can think of, but, with all the content out there, researching for your food blog is relatively easy.

Not only that, food blogging is relatively low on initial investments. Sure, you do need to invest in ingredients and testing what works and what doesn’t, and photographing food isn’t easy, but if you are coming in with a budget, there is no shortage of premium food blogging themes to choose from. And that is regardless of the initial angle you take: from restaurant reviews to 15-minute recipes, you can get to blogging with relative ease.

Fashion Blogging: We All Care About Looking Our Best

Fashion Blogging

Looking at the above section, you will likely find the basic precepts easy to agree with: most everybody eats on a regular basis. But people choose to eat different things based on various personal choices and preferences. Similarly, people have to wear clothes, but the clothes people choose to wear are more than just modesty crutches and protection from the elements. Clothes and accessories are a statement. Insomuch as we have a choice in it, fashion is identity. And that is something people have strong feelings about.

As with any niche, starting a fashion blog can be tricky. But, if anything, you can be certain that you can find the right kind of framework if you choose the correct theme. From fashion stores to fashion photography, you are not lacking for a choice of professionally made themes to give you a running start when you’re beginning to blog.

Health And Wellness: There is Always Room For Improvement

Health And Wellness

All right, so, everybody needs to eat and everybody wears clothes. What’s another thing everybody cares about? Why, health, of course. For decades we have been bombarded with propaganda (true and less true, really) about how our modern way of life is actually bad for us, while at the same time being inundated with statistics about how life expectancy and the overall health of the global population has been going up. How come?

Perhaps you can make sense of all that. With all the misinformation in circulation, people want a credible source to turn to. Much of the health advice that can be given is commonsensical, but a surprising number of people will find it useful advice. If you are a health professional, though, the field is much broader: people want specialist advice and will often even be willing to pay good money for it – and who wouldn‘t? With a professionally made health WordPress theme, your website will radiate expertise and your visitors will have confidence in your stated opinions.

Finance: Can Your Money Make Money


People think that, if they have more information, they will be better equipped to make sound decisions. And they are right, up to a point. After all, you generally need to take a risk to achieve any kind of reward. With personal finance being the current trend, people are looking for sound advice into making more with what they‘ve got. And if there ever was an internet trend, it is the promise of making more money from what money you have.

Are NFTs a grift or a sound investment, for instance? Or something in between? Whatever your views are, people will be looking to read and understand them if they feel you are a trustworthy source of personal finance information. And whether you wish to present yourself as a traditional consultant or an innovative thinker, you know there is no shortage of finance themes you can use to put your best foot forward.

Digital Marketing: What Made Them Find You In the First Place

Digital Marketing

Whatever kind of business you’re running, you need an online presence, that much is a given. But, since the internet is in everybody’s pocket or purse right now, having an online presence is not really an edge on your competition: it is a requirement. The real trick is catering to audiences more and more spoilt for choice. And that is where digital marketing comes in. Take it from us: if you are reading this, you have chosen us and our website to go to for advice.

And, as is the case with the previous entries on this list, we have a vested interest: we have a host of excellent themes for various kinds of digital agencies. The trick here is to leverage your skill in getting the attention of others and teach others how to get noticed themselves. And we know you can do that.

Photography: Capturing Moments


Photography is everywhere, right? Everybody has a suite of high-resolution cameras in their pockets nowadays. So what even is the point of blogging about photography? Well, for one, photography is still a serious hobby. The debate over digital and analog photography still rages between hobbyists, and a lot of manufacturers still turn out high-end products. News, documentary, and event photography, to name but a few, are full-time jobs or lucrative freelance gigs.

So there are a couple of avenues you can take: from offering product reviews, possibly as part of an affiliate program, through building your own portfolio, all the way to generalized tips for casual photographers such as influencers or people looking to, say, take good product photos for online stores. And, as is the case with most of the previous and subsequent entries on this list, there is no shortage of professionally made photography themes.

Sports: Feats of Prowess


Just about anybody follows some form of sporting events, teams, or personalities, and, before you object, esports also count. There is plenty you can say about sports, and plenty of approaches you can take. From old-school commenting and analysis and blow-by-blow reviews, which may work especially well if you have prior experience in the field, to sports betting. And there are about as many premium sports themes to choose from as there are sports: from the general sports themes to extreme and niche sports. And yes, esports themes, too.

Media Reviews: Your Two Cents

Media Reviews

Sports are not the only entertainment media people get passionate about. In fact, a great deal of entertainment media can turn out to have numerous and passionate fandoms. And fans, be they fans of books, comics, film, computer games, or whatever else, build their social capital by knowing the ins and outs of each piece of their beloved media, or even such things as sequel announcements and behind-the-scenes rumors, where applicable. And you can be the one to serve all up for them.

Building a review website takes a bit of work, but it is definitely doable. What is difficult is building and maintaining a reputation among fans.

Relationship and Family Advice: We‘ve All Been There

Relationship and Family Advice

Another thing people often feel conflicted about are the difficult situations they may run into in relationships with their nearest and dearest: family, lovers, and friends. This is especially true for big milestones in life, such as weddings and marriage, or having and raising children.

While people will want to hear from experts such as health professionals, family therapists, developmental psychologists, and the like, they might also feel reassured by learning more from people who are or were in the same boat.

Living Abroad and Travel: The World Is Your Oyster

Living Abroad and Travel

Travel is more than just a hobby: nomadic lifestyles are becoming more and more popular among people who can afford it. People want to learn more about what they can expect if they move to another place, or what to see and where to eat if they are on a vacation or even a long layover. They might want to mitigate culture shock and avoid looking more touristy than they have to, or they might even want to read more about the places they don’t intend to and can’t afford to visit, just for the escapism. Good content coupled with a great travel theme could turn out to be a runaway hit for you.

Arts and Crafts and DIY: For People Who Don’t Know What to Do With Their Hands

Arts and Crafts and DIY

Finally, some you-time. Crafts and DIY are both utilitarian hobbies and therapeutic practices, and can, but by no means need to, be monetized. However, what you can do is offer advice from personal experience, tutorials, and even craft supply reviews. What sort of crafting are you into? For children or adults? What kind of materials or tools do you need? The range of topics is virtually endless, and the better you get at your particular craft, the more you will expand your knowledge and the better you will be able to impart it to others. Paired up with a professional arts and crafts theme, your blog could be another creative outlet for you all of its own.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can approach a lot of different topics and areas if you are looking to monetize your blog. We have said it often, and we will reiterate it here: with WordPress, anyone can start a blog, making the competition tougher than it ever was. So, there is more to blogging than choosing a niche: you have to stick with it, you have to produce excellent content, and, like it or not, you have to have a bit of luck. The bit of luck can’t be helped, and perseverance and quality of content are your responsibility. As for choosing a niche, we feel we have provided a broad gamut of options for the most profitable blog niches. The rest is down to Lady Luck and you.

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