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8 Best WooCommerce Analytics and Reporting Plugins

Best WooCommerce Analytics and Reporting Plugins

Analytics and reporting are two of the cornerstones of successful eCommerce. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to tell what’s going on with your store – even the information you might be able to get would be segmented, divided, and almost useless without being put in context. Success is predicated on being able to make good decisions, and the best way to do that is to have solid information to feed the decision-making process.

For people who use WordPress to start an online store, WooCommerce is the most common eCommerce platform of choice. It’s so popular that it has a plugin ecosystem of its own, so you won’t lack any kinds of tools you’ll need for your WooCommerce store, including analytics and reporting plugins. And if you don’t know how to pick the best one, don’t worry, we’ll help you out.

In this article, we’ve chosen eight of the best WooCommerce analytics and reporting plugins. The list includes:

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WooCommerce Admin

WooCommerce Admin

What better plugin to start a list than an official plugin from the people who’ve made WooCommerce? WooCommerce Admin offers you a new and improved JavaScript-driven interface that focuses on putting important reporting features where you’ll see them the easiest – front and center.

WooCommerce Admin’s core feature is the addition of new reports to WooCommerce. These include reports for revenue, orders, products, variations, categories, taxes, coupons, customers, stock, and more. Another very useful feature is the customizable dashboard which gives you instant access to the most important performance indicators.

The plugin is free to use. You need to meet the minimum requirements of using at least WordPress 5.4, WooCommerce 4.8, PHP version 7.0, and MySQL version 5.0.

WooCommerce Pixel Manager

WooCommerce Pixel Manager

Some WooCommerce analytics and report plugins give you access to analytics and reporting features. Others perform more fundamental and sneaky operations such as customer tracking. WooCommerce Pixel Manager belongs to the second group.

WooCommerce Pixel Manager is a plugin that lets you easily set up tracking pixels on your website and lets you use their core features. Some of the pixels it supports include Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising, Hotjar, Twitter, Pinterest. These pixels enable features that include conversion tracking, dynamic remarketing, and basic order duplication prevention.

WooCommerce Pixel Manager has a free and a premium version. Pricing for the premium version starts at $19 per month and gives access to additional features that include Google Consent Mode, advanced order duplication prevention, and access to all the supported pixels.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Google sure gets in everywhere – if you’re not optimizing your store to appear in search results, then you’re using Google Ads to attract new customers. All the while, you could be using Google Analytics to monitor your store’s performance – thanks to the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro plugin.

This plugin offers you a fine insight into your whole sales funnel. Thanks to features like detailed event tracking, the plugin gives you unprecedented insight into your customers’ behavior on the website. Its bundle of core features, which include basic tracking and analytics, makes sure that you always have an eye on the fundamentals, even while you’re busy looking at the shopping and checkout behavior reports.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is a premium plugin. You can use it for an annual fee of $79.



When the stakes are high, you want to have a tool that’s reliable and thorough. You want a tool that gives you access to all sorts of useful information, preferably in real-time. For WooCommerce users, Metorik is one of the best tools that fit the bill.

Built to work with two of the biggest eCommerce platforms – WooCommerce and Shopify – Metorik offers an incredible collection of features. When you need to know what’s going on with your store, Metorik will give you interactive reports. When you need to engage customers, it will let you set up automated emails. When you need custom reporting it will send them to you via Slack, and it’ll let you track costs and profit and export all the data it gathers.

You can start using Metorik with a 30-day trial. To continue using it after the trial ends, you’ll have to pay the fee based on the number of orders you have each month. The fees start at $20 per month.

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce

You can’t track your store’s profits without tracking the costs of goods. If profits are an important motive for running your store – they usually are – then you’ll want to give Cost & Reports for WooCommerce a look.

This plugin allows you to expand the information on goods you can track. You can add purchase prices for products, additional costs, cost of goods, as well as markup. Based on that info, you can compare your existing pricing with the recommended pricing. You can edit this information in bulk, and most importantly, you can monitor your store’s performance using reports.

Cost & Reports for WooCommerce is a premium plugin. You can start using it for a fee of $79 per year.

Cart Reports

Cart Reports

Abandoned carts are an inevitability in online shopping. Still, the fact that you can’t eradicate them doesn’t mean you should just sit by and let them run amok – you should do something to combat cart abandonment. Installing the Cart Reports WooCommerce extension is a good start.

What this extension offers is pretty simple – it will show you, in real-time, what people are leaving in their carts. You’ll notice a new “Cart” tab in your dashboard – heading there will give you access to all kinds of information about open, abandoned, and converted carts. You’ll be able to see cart actions, and filter carts by date, status, or customer.

Cart Reports is a premium extension, with pricing starting at $79 per year.

Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

When it comes to tracking and reviewing sales, the Product Sales Report for WooCommerce is one of the best plugins you would want to use. With a click of a button, it allows you to generate and download incredibly useful reports.

The plugin lets you create store-wide reports, as well as product-specific reports, or reports for groups of products. You can see all product variations as a single line item, exclude free products from reporting, limit included products, and export the reports as CSV files. And that’s just the free version.

With the pro version, which starts at $59 per year, you get access to additional features that include the ability to create report presets, sort reports by field, and export reports in an extended range of formats.



We’ll finish the list with another standalone feature that works with multiple platforms, including WooCommerce. Putler offers a variety of features that make it a great solution for analytics and reporting – especially if you want to integrate it with reports from other accounts, including Stripe or PayPal.

Putler boasts an incredibly fast search experience within the tool, letting you quickly find just the information you need thanks to features such as autocomplete. It lets you use advanced filters, create periodic breakups for longer period metrics, ultimately working to the goal of providing more accurate metrics than other tools. Putler will give you access to them using an incredible dashboard, as well as reports and downloadable datasheets.

Putler is a premium plugin with prices starting at $20 per month and going up based on your monthly revenue.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

WooCommerce analytics and reporting plugins are a mandatory part of any store owner’s or administrator’s toolbelt. It would be next to impossible to track every important metric without them and avoiding tracking important metrics is a sure way to give your competitors a leg up over you. It’s best to always know what’s going with the store.

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