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8 Best Login Page Plugins for WordPress

Best Login Page Plugins for WordPress

A login page is a virtual barrier that protects your site from a variety of actions. It prevents visitors from accessing your content without authorization and stops them from leaving comments or making purchases unless they create an account first.

When you decide to add the login functionality to your site, you first have to ensure the registration process is secure and straightforward. Any unnecessary steps might drive users away, so you need to keep things simple and ask only for the necessary information. The login page should be on HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), and enforcing the use of strong passwords and two-factor authentication will make your audience feel even more safe.

In this article, we will share with you a selection of the best WordPress login plugins on the market. Some of them will help you create and design attractive login pages that will capture your visitors’ attention from the get-go while others will ensure users can log in to your site with their social media profiles. But what they all have in common is an assortment of practical features that allows an effortless creation of a login page. So stick around and discover the benefits of the following login plugins:

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Nextend Social Login and Register

Nextend Social Login and Register is a freemium plugin that allows users to log in to your WordPress website with a single mouse click using their social media accounts. The free version integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, whereas premium plans include LinkedIn, PayPal, VKontakte, Yahoo!, WooCommerce, and many more. You can specify registration and login redirects, customize button skins for all social media channels, and allow users to display profile pictures from social media channels as avatars on your site. The paid version lets you ask for the users’ email address on registration, choose a login layout that matches the aesthetic of your site, assign user roles to newly registered members, and more. All in all, Nextend Social Login and Register is a great choice that helps save users’ time during the registration and login process and allows them to access your content in just one click.

Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer by Colorlib is a free WordPress login plugin that enables you to easily customize the appearance of your login form. It comes with the practical Customizer, where all the tweaking is done. To access it, go to Appearance > Customize > Custom Login Page Customizer. There are several different layouts to choose from that you can further modify by specifying the number of columns as well as the vertical and horizontal alignment. You can also set a custom login page background color or upload an image from the media library to be displayed in the background. This plugin allows you to add a custom login page logo, enter an URL that the logo will redirect to, modify the size of the form and the form fields, enter a custom “Lost Password” text, tweak the colors to your liking, and much more. The amount of features Custom Login Page Customizer includes for free is impressive.

WordPress Social Login

WordPress Social Login is another plugin that lets users log in to your site using their social media profiles. The free version supports logins via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, and many more. Several premium plans are available as well. You can use them to add compatibility with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, or MailChimp to your site. WordPress Social Login includes free options that let you change the shape and size of the login icons, modify the background color, customize the text for login buttons, enter the custom text that will be displayed upon login, as well as specify redirect URLs after both login and logout. If you purchase one of the pro packages, you’ll have the option to add the social login feature to the WooCommerce pages (e.g. checkout or registration page), send email notifications to admins when a user registers on your site and send them to users as well upon successful registration, customize the content of that email, and more.

User Registration

User Registration is a drag-and-drop freemium plugin that is great for creating user registration and login forms. Aside from the free version available on the official WordPress plugin repository, you can also choose one of the three premium plans to add even more functionalities to your login form. There are numerous login options to choose from. For instance, you can send confirmation emails to customers before they log in or sign them in automatically as soon as they register, etc. Moreover, you can prevent certain user roles from accessing the dashboard. You can choose between several login form layouts, enable the Remember Me and Lost Password functionalities as well as Google reCaptcha. It is also possible to customize messages the customers will get upon successful registration and login, and error messages, too (e.g. when they enter a wrong password or invalid username). You can extend the functionality of the User Registration plugin with premium add-ons, such as Style Customizer (to tweak the look of the login form to your liking), WooCommerce Integration, Stripe, PayPal, and many more.

Temporary Login Without Password

Temporary Login Without Password is a great solution when you wish to create temporary logins for specific user roles. The selected users don’t need to create an account on their own, but use a login link they will get from your end. The said link has an expiration date you can specify from your dashboard. This plugin is a practical, lightweight solution that provides fast access to your site only to a selected few.

Theme My Login

Theme My Login is an interesting plugin that lets you create a login form that matches the theme you are using on your site. You have the option to allow users to login with their username or an email, set their passwords, and enable automatic logins upon registration. This plugin automatically creates login, logout, register, and other key pages, allowing you to modify slugs for each of them. The basic version is quite simple, but you can extend its functionality by adding paid extensions to it. Some of them let users login with their social media accounts, others allow them to set up two-factor authentication on their account, favorite posts, upload avatars, and much more.

Password Protected

While you can protect pages and posts with a password from the platform itself, password-protecting your entire WordPress website requires the use of a plugin. And Password Protected is the perfect choice for the job. To access its options, go to Settings > Password Protected. If you’d like, you can allow access to your content to administrators without asking them to enter the password, and also allow access to RSS feeds. It is also possible to enter a user’s specific IP address to allow them to view your content and enable the Remember Me feature.

Peter’s Login Redirect

As its name suggests, Peter’s Login Redirect helps you redirect users to specific pages once they login to your site but also once they log out. You can apply the rules to specific users, user roles, levels, or all users. You just have to enter the post-registration URL to which users will be redirected as soon as they register on your site. This a clear, straight-to-the-point plugin that does what it promises after just a few clicks of your mouse.


Depending on a niche, a login page can be one of the most significant parts of a site. In fact, some brands would find it downright impossible to conduct an online business without them. Just think of eCommerce or money transfer providers.

If setting up a login page makes sense for your business, make sure to design it in a clear and secure way. And the WordPress login plugins we’ve reviewed in this roundup provide you with a wide array of different options – from enabling users to login with their social media accounts and denying specific user roles access to your site, to modifying the appearance of the login form, setting up custom redirects, and much more, they cover it all. Most of them include an array of customization options, allowing you to create a login page that matches the overall vibe of your site. Just think well about what kind of a custom login form your business needs and take your pick from the list.

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