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Top 20 Restaurant Sites That Use Qode WordPress Themes

Restaurant Sites That Use Qode WordPress Themes

A beautifully designed and well executed online presentation is one of the key factors to a successful business. Especially if you run a restaurant. Besides personal recommendations, your website is what most people will rely on when deciding whether to eat at your place or the competitions’. Which is why you want to showcase your restaurant in a way that is unique, straightforward, and that reflects the essence of your brand as accurately as possible.

Qode Interactive’s food and restaurant WordPress themes come with everything a top-grade food establishment could wish for – from a variety of design styles to specific functionalities like online booking, food menus, testimonials, and interactive showcases. And they cover a wide range of niches within the food and beverages industry – including fast food places and bakeries, sweets shops, gourmet restaurants, and more. Today, we’ve decided to demonstrate their flexibility by showcasing the top restaurant websites powered by Qode Interactive WordPress themes.

La Condesa

La Condesa website made with Savory theme

La Condesa is a Parisian restaurant that merges global influences with the local French tradition. The chef used to work in various kitchens across 9 countries, and so he ended up incorporating all his expertise into this restaurant. On their site, you can see their menu examples, learn more information about the restaurant space, and make reservations up to two months in advance.

Vero Bistro

Vero Bistro website made with Ande theme

Vero Bistro is a Canadian restaurant that serves cuisine from Spanish, French and Italian regions. The restaurant’s chef, Jenny, regularly travels to Europe with the goal of perfecting her knowledge by learning from the best European chefs. What’s also characteristic of the restaurant is that they use only organic products to prepare their dishes. Vero Bistro has gotten the Certificate of Excellence of 2018 from Trip Advisor and is a proud bearer of Open Table’s Top 100 Restaurants of 2019.

Innocent Ice Cream

Innocent Ice Cream website made with Baker theme

Innocent Ice Cream from Vancouver BC, Canada specializes in making all-natural, gluten-free ice creams and ice-cream sandwiches. On their website, you can take a look at their menu, read more about their story, or have their sweets delivered directly to you. There’s even a possibility of booking an ice cream truck, a tricycle or a cooler for any event.

el Greco

El Greco website made with Barista theme

El Greco is a café chain from Greece that prides themselves in their radition of producing high-quality beverages from carefully selected coffee beans. Their site gives an insight into their philosophy and values when it comes to preparing and serving coffee. Of course, it’s possible to browse through their menu as well.

The Pickwick

The Pickwick website made with Nigiri theme

Located in Cornwall, England, The Pickwick inn and restaurant is a family business that offers excellent service, beautiful rooms and top-notch food and drinks to their visitors. Their website contains comprehensive and well-structured info about their food, drinks and specials, as well as everything else you need to know if you want to book one of their beautifully furnished rooms.

St Andrea

Sent Andrea website made with Attika theme

Sent Andrea is a restaurant with over 30 years of experience. It specializes in preparing fish and seafood dishes, and is well-known for its offer of freshly caught fish from the Adriatic Sea. Located on the bank of the Danube River in Belgrade, Serbia, this is a place that takes high pride in its warm Mediterranean hospitality. Here, guests can enjoy delicious seafood and taste quality wines. The website allows you to take a look at their lavish gallery and food menu, and provides contact and reservation info.


Pesca website made with Sweet Tooth theme

Pesca is an Indonesian ice cream parlor dedicated to making premium quality ice cream by using natural ingredients. They’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Each ice cream at their shop can be tailored according to the customers’ preferences. Their website offers a detailed insight into all their ice cream products, special offers, as well as their drinks selection.


Sweet. website made with Nigiri theme

Sweet. is a dessert and coffee store chain from the UK whose vision is to serve the best sweets and beverages to its visitors. They do this by using only the finest ingredients when creating their unique desserts. You can learn more about their concept and find the store that is closest to you on their website.

Hoboken Pie

Hoboken Pie website made with Grafik theme

Hoboken Pie is a Jersey-inspired restaurant from Austin, Texas that has been representing a landmark of Red River Cultural District since 2008. On their site, you can view their full menu and their online specials, find out all about their catering services, and even download the Hoboken Pie app.


Skaručna website made with Savory theme

Skaručna is a restaurant located in the old Slovenian village of the same name. This restaurant offers traditional Slovenian cuisine, a unique ambient, and friendly service to its guests. The menu is divided according to different types of meals, such as the snack bar menu, menu for business lunches, weddings, vegetarian menu, and more. On their website, you can also find more information about their most noteworthy dishes and drinks, about their location, as well as how to make reservations. .

Themes for Restaurants
Savory banner

Restaurant Theme

Baker banner

Fresh Bakery, Pastry and Cake Shop Theme

Laurent banner

Elegant Restaurant Theme

La Giostra

La Giostra website made with Nigiri theme

This Italian restaurant is located in the center of Florence and is characterized by good food and warm hospitality. The current owner of La Giostra keeps up with his long family tradition by tending to every guest with a welcoming and friendly approach. You can read more about their story, reserve a table, and browse through the mouth-watering pictures of their dishes, while you’re at it.


Heldro website made with Sweet Tooth theme

Heldro is an ice cream shop that claims to serve the freshest ice cream in the Netherlands. They have a wide variety of flavors and toppings and allow the customers to personalize their ice cream in any way they like.


Glazura website made with Kvell theme

Glazura is an artisan donut shop from Belgrade, Serbia that also makes other sweets, such as churros and ice cream. Their visitors can choose from a diverse selection of creative-looking donuts that feature both classic and exclusive pieces and come with all sorts of fillings and toppings. It’s possible to try their desserts directly in their shop or to order a delivery.

La Portada de Mediodia

La Portada de Mediodia website made with Attika theme

Located in Segovia, Spain, La Portada de Mediodia is a restaurant ideal for wedding celebrations and other festive events. Aside from delicious food and great catering standards, this place also has a lovely garden that promises special moments to the guests. On their website, you can find out more about the food and the place itself, and you can also fill out a form to request specialized restaurant menus.


Pogon website made with Barista theme

The main objective of this artisan coffee shop from Novi Sad, Serbia is to offer a unique handcrafted coffee experience and promote the ultimate coffee culture to their visitors. They do this by directly importing high-quality coffee beans from all over the world. When it comes to providing good customer experience, the Pogon staff is driven and inspired by the customers themselves.

Il Calice

Il Calice website made with Nigiri theme

Il Calice is an Italian gourmet and fine dining restaurant from Berlin, Germany. On their site, you can take a detailed look at their lunch and dinner menus (from appetizers and salads, all the way to main dishes and desserts) and their beverages, and find out more about their events and catering.

Maison Bergese

Maison Bergese website made with Baker theme

This is a French family business of passionate bakers and patissiers whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. The pastries of Maison Bergese bakery are made with the finest French butter, and the ingredients they use change depending on the season. It’s possible to order pastries from their shop for all types of occasions and events.

Pazo de Xaz

Pazo de Xaz website made with Attika theme

Pazo de Xas is a part of Grupo Amicalia, which is one of the most important gastronomic groups in Galicia. This restaurant is completely oriented to the needs of its customers, and its staff strives to make them happy with impeccable service and tasty dishes. They organize corporate lunches and dinners, weddings, as well as other large family celebrations and social events.

Le Ponton

Le Ponton website made with Savory theme

Ideally located in the port of Granville, Le Ponton is another French restaurant that offers a cozy atmosphere in a contemporary decorated space. Their cuisine mostly consists of fish and seafood, but they also offer to establish a menu according to their guests’ preferences. The site itself contains a streamlined gallery with pictures of the place and their tasty-looking dishes, the menu, and the map.

Halmae Bossam

Halmae Bossam website made with Nigiri theme

The Halmae Bossam restaurant from the village of Monton Grove, Illinois offers a variety of traditional Korean meals to its customers. Their website allows you to check out their foods and menus, and contact them to book a table.


And that completes our list of some of the most beautiful and unique restaurant and food websites that use Qode Interactive themes. We’re extremely proud that these businesses have established a notable online presence with the help of our themes. And we hope that they will serve to inspire you on your path to launching a website for your own food or drinks business.

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