Introducing Qi Addons for Elementor Premium and Qi Theme Premium

Introducing Qi Addons for Elementor Premium and Qi Theme Premium

We are excited to announce the release of premium versions of our two products – Qi Addons for Elementor and Qi Theme, featuring expanded options and functionalities, 40+ new widgets and 50+ premium demos.

While our free line offers all WordPress users a chance to create beautiful and functional websites for free, the line of premium products is designed with a bigger, professional output in mind, helping build superior websites quickly and effortlessly while simultaneously guaranteeing top quality in line with the latest web design practices.

You can now choose between working on unlimited websites or just one. Our annual plans are tailored to provide maximum flexibility while working with a comprehensive set of 150 demos and 100+ widgets, starting at $49.

Choose Between Qi Addons and Qi Theme & Addons

Choose Between Qi Addons and Qi Theme & Addons

To accommodate all our clients’ needs, we are offering the products in two premium packages, each packed with all-new, exclusive features.

Qi Addons Premium is an exclusive version of our free Qi Addons for Elementor plugin, now with 40+ new widgets designed to enhance business, eCommerce, creative, SEO and other aspects of a website from any possible niche.

Qi Theme & Addons is a comprehensive solution that, in addition to 50+ exclusive, superbly designed demos, also includes all of the premium widgets from the Qi Addons package. It is a package that covers all aspects of website-making, speeds up the process and guarantees a unique, professional and superior result.

Both products are available in two modes – single-site and multisite license. With the multisite license, you get to create unlimited websites using our products for the duration of the license.

Both products include even more convenience, functionality and ease of use, and come with some exclusive features in terms of available widgets and options. With it, our goal is to expand on the industry standard of features and options and offer our clients a premium solution for their most important projects.

Qi Addons – What’s New

Qi Addons – What’s New

The Qi Addons for Elementor plugin comes with an exclusive set of widgets that we have created with maximum attention to detail. With them, our intention is to fill the industry gap, by providing options that were previously unavailable on the market. The plugin is designed to work with all themes built using Elementor.

The 40+ all-new, exclusive widgets are designed to enhance the site-building experience, enrich the pages and provide superior functionalities for a wide range of niches, from creative through eCommerce to business.

Creative Addons

We have expanded our range of addons designed to make showcasing projects not just easier and faster, but aesthetically more accomplished.

For instance, in order to allow for dynamic, engaging presentation of works, we have created a range of sliders, from hover-aware to animated and circled, with several kinds of divided sliders. Intro glitch effects, swipe- and scroll-based galleries, brand-new reels and carousels are devised to provide maximum flexibility in terms of innovative options.

Business Addons

Functionality and efficiency are imperative when it comes to business websites, so we made sure our premium version includes top solutions for various business aspects, such as comparative tables, star rating element, Google Maps and pricing tables.

eCommerce Addons

While our free Qi Addons already contain a comprehensive set of eCommerce solutions, we made sure to expand the functionalities by adding product comparison and order tracking form widgets, two solutions that help improve eCommerce UX and streamline the shopping experience.

Showcase Addons

When devising our addons, we took particular care to provide our clients with a comprehensive set of solutions for highlighting certain website sections in an innovative and efficient manner. Our range of showcase elements has now been expanded with image hotspots, ideal for online shops, a striking image marquee, content menu and an attractive vertical timeline.

Typography Addons

Typography is a major constituent of any website’s identity and that’s why here at Qode we pay particular attention to that aspect of design. The premium Qi Addons now include even more options for styling the text, including text gradient and a very attractive and versatile premium button with options for animation and SVG-based illustrations.

Form Style Addons

Reaching out to visitors in a striking, elegant and efficient manner is paramount to any business, which is why we enhanced the options for styling the website forms by adding beautiful Mailchimp, Typeforms and Gravity forms elements, thus covering all major contact form providers.

  • Gravity Forms

SEO Addons

Our range of premium addons wouldn’t be complete without advanced SEO functionalities that come out of the box and help users rank and perform better with search engines. New addons now include Yelp and Google business reviews, wonderfully designed social share buttons and social links.

Qi Theme – What’s New

Qi Theme – What’s New

As for the Qi Theme, we have designed a range of exclusive demos that feature not only unique options and capabilities, but also the most innovative design solutions. As always, our focus is on interactivity and motion, superb visual content and pristine aesthetics meant to create a lasting effect of professionalism and expertise.

In the premium version, the Qi Theme also features some additional functionalities and advanced options. For instance, our users can now enjoy even more styling options for the Blog Single, as well as for various footer and header types, assuring the perfect fit with the brand aesthetics.

Navigation options have also been enhanced in terms of styling, and there is, of course, a set of whole new options reserved for our premium users. They can now add a content bottom section to their pages, add parallax background on content rows, and choose between a range of all-new header types, including boxed, divided and vertical expanding headers, or improve the website performance thanks to the Ajax pagination for lists. And that is, of course, just a small fraction of premium options we’ve prepared.

Package Features

Package Features

In addition to advanced elements, demos and options, both our premium packages include a set of exclusive features meant to fill all gaps in the current market offer.

Qi Addons comes with:
  • Unlimited websites
  • 100+ widgets
  • Premium support for 1 year
  • Regular updates for 1 year
  • On demand widget loading
  • Unlimited local server
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • 14 Days Money Back Warranty
  • Renewal discount
Qi Theme & Qi Addons come with:
  • Qi Addons plugin
  • Qode Essentials plugin
  • Unlimited websites
  • 150 demo websites
  • Portfolio module
  • Blog layouts
  • Woocommerce layouts
  • Extensive global options
  • Advanced headers
  • Limitless footers
  • Premium theme support for 1 year
  • Regular theme updates for 1 year
  • Unlimited local server
  • Qi Theme Knowledge Base
  • Qi Theme Video tutorials
  • 14 Days Money Back Warranty
  • Renewal discount

In addition to premium support, we have a set of YouTube tutorials and Qode Magazine articles to help you get acquainted with Qi Addons for Elementor and the Qi Theme, with new topics being covered on a regular basis. Check them out to see just how simple it is to adapt any of the plugin’s custom widgets to your specific needs.

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