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7 Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins

Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins

When it comes to eCommerce, the demand for effective solutions to unlock sales and engagement potential remains constant. Among such solutions are customer wishlists. Wishlists are by no means a new thing, but a surprising number of online stores still don’t offer this handy little feature that’s designed to boost sales and engagement and can be added in WordPress with absolute ease using one of the WooCommerce wishlist plugins.

Before we check them out, let’s first see why every online store should have the wishlist feature.

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Why Are eCommerce Wishlists Important?

Adding the wishlist feature to an online shop benefits both the customers and for the shop owners.

For customers, they offer, above all, a way to make online shopping even more convenient. Wishlists act as a personal shopping cart, saving desired items for later purchase or comparison. They are a great reminder of the products that piqued our interest but that we can’t purchase at the moment.

Wishlists are also great for gift inspiration. They can become curated lists for friends and family seeking perfect presents. On top of that, they can be used for price tracking, as they allow users to monitor price changes and snag deals when the time is right.

And because they’re good for customers, wishlists are consequently good for shop owners, too, as they improve UX and boost engagement. Wishlists nurture leads, reminding users of their desires at the right moment. Also, sharing wishlists on social media expands reach and attracts new customers. Finally, wishlist data reveals popular products and potential promotions.

If your shop runs on WordPress, you’re likely using WooCommerce for the shop functionality. WooCommerce doesn’t include wishlist as the core feature of the plugin, so it’s something you’ll have to add separately, using one of the many WooCommerce wishlist plugins. We checked a great number of these plugins for you and came up with this list of the best contenders:

QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce

QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce

We’re kicking off our list with a remarkably well-rounded WooCommerce wishlist plugin from the Qode Interactive workshop: the QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce. The plugin was created after extensive research into what both users and shop admins can benefit from the most when it comes to wishlist functionality and its options. As a result, the plugin offers extensive customization options such as the behavior type for the button, the layout style and position, labels, icons, colors, etc. Admins can also choose to enable the automatic removal of wishlist items that are added to the cart. The wishlist feature is available to all shop visitors, whether they’re logged in or not. Adding the product to a wishlist is as simple as a button click, and the feature is extremely easy to implement.

And this is all just in the free version of the QODE Wishlist. The premium version is among the most advanced plugins of this type that you’ll find on the market. Most notably, it allows users to create multiple wishlists, with adjustable visibility – they can be public, private or accessible only via a link.

Another impressive feature is the wishlist product count, showing how many times an item has been added to a wishlist, which is useful for building hype.

Rich customization options cover two distinct layouts for single wishlists – table and gallery. These can feature a sorting switcher, related products, total product amounts, etc. Two layouts – gallery and modern – are also available for pages with multiple lists. The plugin includes two widgets for quick access to the wishlist – as a sidebar or as a dropdown, both with advanced customization options. Another premium feature is the choice between requiring the login for creating wishlists or not.

Finally, QODE Wishlist for WooCommerce includes marketing features like promotional email campaigns (on sale, back in stock, etc) and the “Ask for Estimate” forms (useful if you want to put the shop in catalog mode and decide to hide the prices) , as well as dashboard analytic data on conversions.

The single site price of this remarkable plugin is currently $89.

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

Those looking for a more straightforward and stripped-down wishlist plugin can check out WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce. It’s easy to configure and manage and comes with some neat options for customizing the wishlist and the button. You can opt for an additional action button and link classes, enable or disable auto removal from the wishlist once the item is added to cart and set categories that allow the wishlist button.

As for visual customization, users can set colors for the wishlist popup, define the position of the wishlist icon on archive and single pages, edit the button or link text, and so on. And when the user navigates away from the page, you can set it to trigger the wishlist popup.

All these come with the free version, and if you want to upgrade, the premium one includes multiple wishlists per user, the option to add notes to each product, advanced customization to match the style of the wishlist with the rest of your website, and lifetime dedicated support. The premium plugin currently costs $34 for the single site license.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist

TI WooCommerce Wishlist

If popularity is your main criterion when choosing a plugin, you will want to check out TI WooCommerce Wishlist, which currently has more than 100,000 active installations for the free version. It’s a solid plugin that adds the wishlist functionality and features a handy setup wizard to guide you through the process. It comes with predefined icons for the “Add to wishlist” button but it also allows you to upload your own. Plus, you can define the position of the button on product pages or use a shortcode to add it anywhere on your pages. The free version also has the storewide stats for each product added to a wishlist, as well as a wishlist products counter.

The appearance of the wishlist is completely customizable. The plugin is translation-ready and supports custom CSS styles.

The premium version supports multiple wishlists per user, product sorting within the wishlist using drag and drop, as well as different wishlist privacy settings, automatically calculated total price, promotional emails, predefined skins and product analytics. The premium version currently costs $79/year for a single site, which makes it one of the costlier plugins of this kind.



WishSuite is a completely free WooCommerce wishlist plugin that provides an easy and intuitive way to create wishlist pages and add wishlist buttons to products. It generates a shortcode so you can place the wishlist button anywhere you want on your website. After a product on the wishlist is added to the cart, the product is automatically removed. The button on product pages or catalog can be added to various positions, for example before or after the cart button, or before or after the price.

Customization options are numerous and include customizable text, customizable fields (you can remove the fields you don’t want, like price, quantity, etc) and options to set fields heading text, empty field text and so on. As for styling, you can set the button style, icon type, table style, added button type and so on.

Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce

Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce

Another free and relatively new solution for shop owners on a budget is Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce. It’s not the most feature-rich option out there, but it’s easy to use and, being completely free, represents a great solution for small shops that are just starting out. One of the features that sets it apart from many other plugins of this kind is the ability to view which items the customers have added to their wishlists. This information can be used for targeting with promotional emails or deals, for upselling, cross-selling, etc.

The wishlists can be shared via URL and the wishlist can be displayed as a widget. The plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes and also with Elementor, AIOSEO, RankMath, Polylang and WPML.

My Wish List for WooCommerce

My Wish List for WooCommerce

If you prefer official WooCommerce extensions, My Wish List for WooCommerce is a popular choice. It allows users, registered or not, to add products to their wishlist. Registered users can view their wishlist on their My Accounts page. The extension comes with shortcode support for adding the wishlist anywhere on the pages for non-registered users. The extension uses Ajax for seamless adding and removal of the items from the wishlist. As for admin controls, you can see lists of most frequently added products and sort them from least to most added ones, thus gaining valuable insights. The extension currently costs $29/year.

WooCommerce Wishlists

WooCommerce Wishlists

WooCommerce Wishlists is a similar solution to the previous one – a premium Woo extension for adding wishlists to your shop. However, unlike My Wish List for WooCommerce, this one allows both registered and unregistered users to create unlimited wishlists in your online store. Guest wishlists are kept for 30 days, which is essentially the cookie lifetime. Of course, if the user deletes their cookies before that, the wishlist will be deleted too.

Wishlists can be personal or shared and their number is unlimited. Customers have full privacy control and the lists are easily shared on social media or through email, with a personalized message. The extension supports grouped and variable products.

The button is customizable in terms of icons and text. You can upload your own icon and set the text you like. The extension inherits the theme style for button and other elements. It adds its own settings tab in WooCommerce admin, from which colors, button appearance and everything else can easily be adjusted.

This premium extension is a bit pricier and costs $89/year.

Wrapping It Up

WooCommerce wishlist plugins and extensions are the safest, quickest, and most beginner-friendly way to provide your customers with the ability to create lists of their desired products. As we saw, the benefits of having the wishlist feature in your shop are multiple, ranging from better engagement and customer retention to data insights, improved targeting and, ultimately, more sales. If there’s a WooCommerce wishlist plugin that you like but we didn’t mention in this list, do let us know in the comments below – we’re always updating our lists and we’d love your feedback!

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