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Top 21 Wedding Websites Made With Qode Interactive Themes

Wedding Websites Made With Qode Interactive Themes

Grace, elegance, and beauty – these are the qualities you’re most likely to look for in a wedding website. And rightly so. As one of the happiest moments in a couple’s life, every wedding deserves to be presented in style, while anyone who offers services to newlyweds should strive to put their professionalism and reliability in the spotlight. Luckily, our wedding themes are a perfect fit for the occasion.

We’ve mentioned before that we place a great deal of importance on aesthetics, but never overlook the significance of versatility and functional design. This principle lies at the heart of all the premium WordPress themes that come out of our workshop. And as this article will demonstrate, it ensures that each theme in our collection can be adapted to almost any purpose. But to properly demonstrate their capabilities and visual sophistication, it’s best to show them in action, which is why we proudly present our list of the top wedding websites made with Qode Interactive themes:

If you’re already gearing up to launch your own site, make sure you check out this in-depth video tutorial on how to create a wedding website in WordPress using our beautiful theme The Aisle:

Now, let’s dive right into our list.

Fabryka Marzen

Fabryka Marzen website made with the Imogen theme

Fabryka Marzen is a team that consists of Magda and Julia, two skilled wedding consultants from Poland who claim they can fulfill the dreams of every future newlywed couple by organizing, arranging and coordinating their wedding in full detail. They are also available for consulting services and decorating the wedding venue. Here you can check out their portfolio, take a detailed look at their decorations rental, and call or write to them to check if they’re available for hire.

Rosa Fernández Leal

Rosa Fernandez Leal website made with the Objektiv theme

Rosa Fernández Leal is a photographer with a degree in advertising and public relations who has mastered International Wedding Photography at EFTI, International Center for Photography and Film in Madrid. She is interested in taking photos of people in environments that bring out happy feelings, which is why she has chosen wedding photography as her profession. She is always prepared to travel the world in order to capture people’s most precious moments.

Anna Wang

Anna Wang website made with the Sahel theme

Anna Wang is an Australian wedding planner and wedding stylist, and she chose the elegant Sahel theme for her website. The main navigation is hidden from immediate view – to open the menu, you have to click on the hamburger icon first. In the left sidebar, there are several vertically placed links, taking you to Wang’s social media channels and her contact page. The pages are rich with examples from the weddings Wang planned, illustrating her skillset. Besides the horizontally scrolling portfolio carousel that invites you to explore her previous projects, there are also YouTube embeds, ensuring you get fully immersed into the presentation of Wang’s work. Using Sahel’s blog templates, she also set up a blog, where she shares advice and provides answers to users’ FAQs in regards to their special day.

Max Koliberdin

Max Koliberdin website made with the Objektiv theme

Based in Moscow, Russia, Max Koliberdin is a wedding film photographer that takes a fine art approach to his photography, with the intention of narrating beautiful and ageless romantic stories with his work. He is ready to travel to any location if people from different parts of the world want to hire him to capture their wedding celebration. His website is a perfect place to explore his work portfolio in full detail.

Kelly Faetanini

Kelly Faetanini website made with the Kloe theme

Representing femininity and romance, the Kelly Faetanini brand from New York creates bridal gowns that feature customizable elements, such as detachable necklines, special corsetry technology, and so on. Their mission is to provide a perfect experience to their customers and to make every bride’s dream come true. If you explore their website, you will be able to examine their quality wedding gowns, learn more about the designer behind the brand, and contact them if you’re interested in wearing a piece from their gown collection for your perfect day.

Anna Enya

Anna Enya website made with the Moments theme

Anna Enya is a portrait and wedding photographer from Baden near Vienna, Austria who is ready to accompany her clients throughout Austria and across the world for family, couple and wedding photoshoots. Her main desire is to capture the real emotions of people during their happiest moments. On her website, she provides an insight into her portfolio and leads her visitors on a journey by blogging about her experiences.

Dream On Wedding

Dream on Wedding website with the Attika theme

With a passion for all things beautiful, Dream On Wedding specializes in the design, organizing and planning of exclusive weddings in Italy. They work hard to make every wedding a one-of-a-kind experience for the newlyweds and all their guests. The events they create are tailor-made, and since every couple is different, they believe that every event should be unique, devoting their time, energy and resources to meet the needs of their clients.


Eventions website made with the Amedeo theme

Amedeo is a theme crafted for creatives, but Eventions’ website proves that its flexibility and versatility go a long way, making it suitable even for wedding planners’ sites. The theme includes a collection of over 20 portfolio layouts, so it was easy for Eventions to accentuate the wedding services they provide. The pages are filled with picturesque imagery, transporting you to the Mediterranean-themed weddings they’ve organized in the past. Each presentation includes extensive textual descriptions as well, making the browsing experience all the more immersive. Moreover, you can explore the agency’s blog, let them take you behind the scenes of their projects, and read tips on how to organize a successful wedding. In the blog’s sidebar, there are also social icons, inviting you to connect with them elsewhere and not just on the site.

Blake and Madel

Blake and Madel website made with the Aisle theme

Blake and Madel’s site is also made with The Aisle theme and it immediately draws you in with its passepartout slider full of romantic imagery and an invitation to discover the couple’s story. As you scroll down the page, you can see the theme’s gentle animation effects in action, and if you browse through the site you get to discover how the couple adapted and used a large number of The Aisle’s beautifully predesigned inner pages.

Deana Shaaban

Deana Shaaban website made with the Azalea theme

Deana Shaaban is a luxury design brand from Cairo, Egypt that offers custom-made designs of evening and wedding dresses. Their core belief is that a woman’s strength is unique and unmatched, and that her gowns should illustrate that. The website allows you to take a detailed look at their couture pieces and bridal dresses, as well as schedule an appointment.

Je Te Promets

Je Te Promets website made with the Gretna theme

The Je Te Promets website is owned by a wedding planner and designer who has a passion for weddings and has over a hundred organized ceremonies under her belt. She now leads a team of wedding organizers that guarantee to accompany couples on their wedding adventure, providing services from decoration to complete wedding organization. Their website showcases their previous work, and testimonials from a few satisfied customers, and also allows you to sneak a peek at their workshop.

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I Swear

I Swear website made with the Allston theme

I Swear is a project created in the form of a fair that helps promote unconventional wedding celebration solutions to couples by showcasing unusual and unexplored places on the map of Poland. This also includes showcasing unusual dresses, cakes, floral arrangements, and accessories. The main intention behind the project is to help inspire young couples to organize an alternative, one-of-a-kind wedding reception.

Black Robin Photography

Black Robin Photography website made with the Azalea theme

Black Robin Photography is a website owned by Arie and Tash, a married couple from New Zealand that does wedding and portrait photography. They balance out each other by contributing different photography styles when taking pictures of weddings and families. They explore their creative nature through their work and are happy they get to capture people’s special moments. Once you enter their website, you will be able to browse through their photos of couples, weddings and families, take a look at their pricing info and learn how to get in touch if you’re interested in their services.

The Folmar

The Folmar website made with the Bodega theme

The Folmar is a wedding and event venue hidden on the small back road of Old Noonday in Tyler, Texas. It consists of a charming wedding chapel, a gorgeous open space for outdoor wedding ceremonies, and the Pavillon, which is perfectly suited for wedding parties. Their website allows its visitors to view beautiful pictures of the place and fill out an event inquiry form in case they’re interested in booking the venue for their special day.


I’LLPRESSIVE website made with The Aisle theme

I’LLPRESSIVE is a wedding planning website owned by Ilse from the Netherlands, who was inspired to pursue her wedding planner career after successfully arranging her own wedding from scratch in 2019. Now she makes sure that all needs of her customers are met from start to finish. Apart from taking care of the wedding decoration, she also styles the party location and plans the entire event, making sure that everything is perfect and well-coordinated according to the customers’ needs.

Elizabeth Findlay Bridal

Elizabeth Findlay Bridal website made with the Fleur theme

Located in Laguna Beach, CA, Elizabeth Findlay Bridal is a boutique for the modern and practical bride. They offer dresses sourced from designer showrooms or previously used in photoshoots, including pre-owned and not yet worn dresses. Here you can take a look at their dresses, and if you’re interested to see more, you can also go and browse their collection in greater detail on Pinterest. There’s also the possibility of consigning with them if you have a beautiful designer gown that is less than 4 years old, or that is a classic or a vintage gown over 20 years old.

Alis Alis Destination

Alis Alis Destination website made with the Sahel theme

Alister Kou specializes in wedding photography. He made his Alis Alis Destination website with the Sahel theme, which perfectly accentuates his skills and lets him put his projects in the spotlight. The site contains lots of romantic pictures displayed in a variety of creative ways. The theme’s in built sliders and the prominent parallax effect help bring the images to life and make your browsing experience even more enjoyable. Alister also included customer reviews and pricing packages on the site, and every page contains two practical vertical menus placed on either side of the main content, with links to his contact page and social media.

Desafinado Music Planner

Desafinado Music Planner website made with the Moments theme

Desafinado Music Planner is a consulting company made up of music professionals. Since 2005, they’ve been working with individuals, wedding planners, and large event agencies by proposing musical projects custom made for each wedding. They make sure to carefully consider their customers’ ideas in order to create perfect pieces of music for their wedding ceremony needs. On their website, you can get familiarized with their services and different music pieces.

Florent & Sheryiin

Florent & Sheryiin website made with the Aisle theme

Florent and Sheryiin’s charming wedding announcement website uses the floral imagery and elegant interface elements of our The Aisle theme to maximum effect. A countdown timer ticks off the seconds to their big day, while the beautiful timeline element covers the wedding schedule. With an RSVP section and map to top it all off, this wedding websites has all the bases covered.

Maura Rose Events

Maura Rose Events website made with the Fleur theme

Maura Rose Events is a team of floral designers that strive to create beautiful floral arrangements for people’s wedding day, while being as mindful of the environment as possible. They do this by not using plastic on any of their packaging materials and by ensuring that all their delivery boxes are made from fully recyclable materials. Their website allows you to meet their team of designers and get familiarized with their floral design, decor rentals and workshops.

Renate Smith

Renate Smith website made with the Lumière theme

Renate Smith is a photographer from the Netherlands that started her photography journey at a very young age. With time, her hobby grew into a passion for taking photos of couples and weddings. Her website contains detailed info about her works, including a portfolio and a photo journal of various newlyweds she’s worked with.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s owned by a bridal shop, a wedding photographer, wedding planners, or a couple announcing their special day and sharing invitations online, each website on this list has a distinctly gentle yet professional elegance to it. These 20 examples are a great indicator of what you can achieve if you use one of our WordPress themes to build your own wedding website. At the very least, we hope they provide some inspiration and spark some ideas for your own creative endeavours.

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