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Top Real Estate Websites Made with Qode Themes

Top 11 Real Estate Websites Made with Qode Themes

These days, we use the Internet for almost everything. Finding our eventual home or an apartment to rent is no exception. Filters help us narrow down our search. Search engines let us enter our desired criteria, and get closer to the property that meets our demands in a matter of minutes. Even if we want to hire an agent to guide us through the tumultuous real estate world, we will most probably look them up online first, and expect them to have a web page. Not only does a site make them look credible, but it also helps us get all the valuable information about a specific property and decide if it’s worth our money or not.

For companies and individuals who are into the real estate business, a professional website is a must. In this article, we will go through a list of such sites crafted with Qode Interactive real estate themes. All of these themes are made with real estate agencies and property management companies in mind and packed with elements that speed up and facilitate the process of finding the ideal home for users. The websites we will introduce you to are:

Falling Garden

Falling Garden website made with the Hendon theme

Falling Garden’s homepage is adorned with fullscreen imagery thanks to Hendon’s beautiful custom slider, instantly transporting you to this luxurious property on the banks of Lake Zürich. This website perfectly demonstrates the versatility of layouts and elements in our themes. By slightly customizing the demo content, the developers created a unique, professional, and elegant site for their project. They made an alluring presentation of the residence, highlighted its most important characteristics, and added images and videos that show what it will look like when completed (the site states that the building should be finished in 2021). Users can also easily contact the company and request to view the property in person by filling out a simple form.


Coreside website made with the Eiddo theme

Coreside’s website was built with Eiddo, a theme designed specifically for real estate businesses. The homepage gives visitors an insight into this firm’s activities, informs them about their biggest clients, and invites them to explore the site further to learn more about Coreside’s projects and the team behind them. Using Eiddo’s customizable property list and single page layouts, the company has created attractive showcases of their projects. Besides basic information about properties, single-page templates also include a Google map with projects’ locations displayed on it. Some of Eiddo’s predesigned inner pages have been used to present Coreside’s team, share details about the services they provide and display their contact details so prospective clients can easily get in touch with them.

Diamona & Harnisch

Diamona & Harnisch website made with the Blaze theme

Diamona & Harnisch is a team of real estate developers who chose our portfolio theme Blaze for their website. The moment the homepage loads, fullscreen imagery shows up on the page, introducing you to some of the studio’s projects. Links to other sections of their site are displayed below fullscreen sliders and adorned with the cool transparent overlay effect. The Projects page is fun to explore because it comes with an interactive map with the buildings developed by D & H marked on it. The screen is divided into two vertical areas, with the map on the right, while the information about the selected property is shown on the left. Using Blaze’s portfolio singles, they’ve created modern and elegant presentations of their projects, such as Licht 45.

Wieland & Pestalozzi

Wieland & Pestalozzi website made with the Kenozoik theme

In partnership with the real estate agency Ziegert, Diamona & Harnisch have also developed the Wieland & Pestalozzi project, this time using the Kenozoik theme. Opting for its masonry gallery layout on most of the pages, they’ve created captivating photo galleries that allow visitors to experience the surroundings and the building on both the inside and the outside. Kenozoik is a great choice for portfolio presentations, and thanks to its rich and unique features, the D & H team has been able to showcase every single aspect of this project to their audience in an attention-grabbing way. Beautiful animation effects enliven the visual content and bring the Wieland & Pestalozzi project to life. The Floor Plans page is particularly interesting because it features a 3D showcase of the building from the outside, inviting you to select a floor and then a particular apartment to view its floor plan. There are separate pages showing you the amenities in units, the architecture of the property, and the location where the building was built.

Heritage Realty

Heritage Realty website made with the Aarhus theme

Heritage Realty’s website is a terrific example of what you can achieve with our Aarhus theme. The company has chosen the theme’s attractive split slider showcase page for their homepage, which allowed them to create a beautiful introduction into what they do. Using Aarhus’ interactive project list, Heritage Realty has presented the estates included in their offer in an eye-catching way. The names of the houses are listed on the left side of the screen, while appealing imagery takes up the rest of the page. To learn more about a particular house, simply click on its name. The website creators have also added the company’s Instagram feed to the site. They’ve customized some of the theme’s inner page layouts and used them to introduce visitors to the Heritage Realty team and share the company’s contact details.

Edition Nodilova

Edition Nodilova website made with the Fey theme

Edition Nodilova perfectly exemplifies our themes’ versatility. Even though it was made with Fey – an eCommerce theme – this site is easily on par with any other real estate site on our list. The homepage offers a wonderful overview of what the Nodilova project is about. It also features a carousel gallery that gives visitors a glimpse of some of the units in the Nodilova building. The imagery on the homepage is subtly animated but it still fully immerses the audience into this modern-looking project. A list of all apartments in this building was made using Fey’s elegant three-column gallery layout. On click, you can discover floor plans, apartment images, get information about the materials used, and more. Thanks to the theme’s collection of practical inner pages, the team behind this website was able to create an elegant and refined presentation of the Nodilova building, share its location on Google maps, create individual presentations of every apartment, and bring this project closer to potential buyers.

Property WordPress Themes
Dor banner

Modern Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Sagen banner

Single Property and Apartment Complex Theme

hendon banner

Single Property Theme

The Gadsden

The Gadsden website was made with the Bridge theme

The Gadsden’s website was built with Bridge, one of the best-selling creative themes of all time. The homepage starts off with an introductory video that transports you right into the Gadsden. Captivating visuals and detailed descriptions tell you all you need to know about this estate, but you can also schedule a visit to see the property in person. To do that, you just have to fill out the contact form that shows up on the screen in the form of a pop-up while you browse the site. The Gadsden’s team has customized Bridge’s inner page layouts to create a detailed showcase of residences, amenities, and design inspirations. You can see what each available apartment looks like on the inside, request to see floor plans, explore the neighborhood, learn about the history of the area where the building was constructed, meet the team behind The Gadsden, and more.

Global Market Uruguay

Global Market Uruguay website made with the Zuhaus theme

Global Market Uruguay has crafted a one-page real estate website with our Zuhaus theme. The first thing you notice on the site is the advanced search filter, which helps users easily and quickly find the property that fits their needs. All estates from Global Market’s offer are showcased in a beautiful and clear way using Zuhaus’ single page templates. Visitors can view images of selected properties, get information about their size, cost, and characteristics, and discover other useful details about them. Finding the location of every estate from Global Market’s portfolio is easy because Zuhaus also includes integrated Google Maps.

Kennedy Residence

Kennedy Residence website made with the Sagen theme

Kennedy Residence is yet another example of a professional website built using the fully-customizable features of the Sagen theme. Thanks to its tailor-made property list layouts and single property templates, visitors can explore Kennedy Residence and all of its units in great detail. Using Sagen’s elements crafted for property businesses, the website makers have added apartment plans, shared information about the materials used to build the residence, and made wonderful image galleries. To help visitors better understand what this project will look like when completed, they’ve crafted several galleries opting for Sagen’s interesting masonry gallery layout. And to bring the future residence even more to life, besides imagery, they’ve also added a video that takes visitors on a tour through the whole building.

Home 4 Good Belize

Home 4 Good Belize website made with the Zuhaus theme

Home 4 Good Belize is a wonderful website that illustrates the power of the Zuhaus theme. Users can quickly find the property that matches their needs using the powerful search filter. Moreover, they can also register on the site and add their own properties to this company’s database. Visitors can set a price range, select a location, specify the size, and use other search filters to find the property that matches their criteria. Besides appealing photos, floor plans, and information about the estate, Zuhaus’ single property pages feature a practical mortgage calculator. Furthermore, users can rate properties, share them on social media, leave comments and likes, and compare characteristics of one estate with the other.

Final Words

As the examples featured in this roundup illustrate, Qode Interactive’s real estate themes are fully stacked with practical elements that facilitate the process of website creation for all real estate agencies as well as development and property management companies. From customizable property lists and single property layouts, integrated Google maps, detailed property showcases, video integration, powerful search filters, user registration forms, and a myriad of impressive shortcodes specifically made for the real estate niche, our themes are sure to provide all the elements you need to craft a professional site.

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