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Top 19 eCommerce Websites Made With Qode Interactive Themes

eCommerce Websites Made With Qode Interactive Themes

One of the key elements of any successful eCommerce website is a strong visual identity. Add to that an intuitive interface and a straightforward purchasing process, and you have the foundation for a thriving online store.

At Qode Interactive, we strive to achieve that perfect union of beauty, simplicity, and functionality with every single online store WordPress theme that comes out of our workshop. Which is why we’re proud to present this list of 20+ eCommerce websites that have launched successful and above all memorable online stores using Qode themes. So, without further ado, we invite you to check them out for yourself.

Joyful Yell

Joyful Yell website made with the Sahel theme

Originally founded in Paris in 2017, Joyfull Yell is an independent designer label that strives to be original and push the envelope when it comes to their jewelry design. They do this by creating unique and unconventional pieces of jewelry handmade by combining brass and rugged sculptures. Aside from the ability to buy their products, on their website you can also learn more about their design philosophy, as well as find out how you can get in touch and become a part of their affiliate program.


Goldschmiede website made with the Attika theme

Goldschmiede is a jewelry manufacturer with an extensive range of services. Aside from manufacturing jewelry, they also do jewelry repairs, the reworking of jewelry and heirlooms, refurbishing, cleaning, and care, as well as the evaluation of old jewelry. On their site, you can take a detailed look at their creations and order their products through their online shop.

Globe Hope Cosmetics

Globe Hope Cosmetics website made with the Imogen theme

Inspired by their love for their home country and its clean environment, Globe Hope Cosmetics offer premium organic cosmetics products made from the finest ingredients from Finnish nature. Their website comes with all the relevant info about their products, active ingredients and the benefits of their use.

Graellsia Madrid

Graellsia Madrid website made with the Tonda theme

The people behind Graellsia Madrid are a mother and daughter who both have a great passion for crafting handmade jewelry. Inspired by the beauty of nature, together they aim to create unique, sophisticated jewelry pieces made by using materials such as brass, cold porcelain, glass, and organza. On their website, you can take a look at their vast jewelry collection and purchase items that include necklaces, brooches, earrings, and hair jewelry pieces, among others.

Saint Patton

Saint Patton website made with the Stockholm theme

Saint Patton is a Spanish brand that works on manufacturing swimsuits in a traditional way. During their design and preparation process, they pay special attention to details – from the hand drawing of patterns and their fabric printing, all the way to the cutting and sewing. The website of Saint Patton allows you to learn more about their campaigns and overall philosophy, as well as to look at their swimwear collection and other items in thorough detail before deciding whether you want to add them to your cart.

Scott Fraser Collection

Scott Fraser Collection website made with the Tonda theme

Scott Fraser Collection is a menswear label from London that produces various clothing items and accessories led by the principle of Retrospective Modernism, which means drawing inspiration from previously made iconic pieces, but in a way that doesn’t copy them. The website makes sure to present all their products in a streamlined and compelling manner so that they are easily available to all potential buyers.

E2I Athletics

E2I Athletics website made with the Kloe theme

Established in 2016, E2I Athletics is a Dutch brand with the core belief that the mind and the body are connected more than people think, so they strive to make clothing items that personify both. You can read more about their brand philosophy as well as browse and buy their products on their website.

Gabriela Moll

Gabriela Moll website made with the Kloe theme

Manufactured at Elda (Alicante) Spain, Gabriela Moll specializes in designing shoes for women who know what they want and who are happy in their own skin. This footwear brand takes high pride in their ability to make shoes that coincide both with the current trends and their creative intuition. Their offer consists of different types of leather shoes that feature a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colors.

Mickey Philips

Mickey Philips website made with the Assemble theme

After graduating from the School of Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1986, Mickey Philips opened her studio and started creating unique pieces that are a perfect mix of usable art and meaningful design. She uses distinctive materials, shapes and colors in her work and has an exceptional eye for detail.

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Kakuma website made with the Tonda theme

Kakuma is a Polish brand that creates unique hand-made accessories and products for children. All of their products are carefully designed and made from high-quality materials, all with the goal of preserving nature. One of their biggest advantages is their ability to adapt each product to the most demanding tastes.

Van Denride

Van Denride website made with the Bazaar theme

After 25 years of experience in the sales and denim industry, a Dutch bicycle-riding lover from Amsterdam came up with an idea to create his own denim pants for bike riding (yes, you read that right). Not only are these pants suitable for bikers, but they are also waterproof and are wearable in all seasons. You can find out more about these products and the way they’re made on the Van Denride website, where you can also purchase them directly from the online store.

Neely & Chloe

Neely & Chloe website made with the Sahel theme

Started by two sisters, Neely and Chloe Burch in New York City, Neely & Chloe is the brand whose ultimate goal is to create long-lasting beauty products that evoke emotional connections with their design. Their core belief is that the luxury of a product is not defined by its price or logo – rather, it is defined by its beauty, quality, and function. Together with new arrivals and best-selling items, their website provides visitors with different clothing item categories and accessories where they can look at different product variation swatches and also inspect items they’re interested in up close.

Lou Goldberg

Lou Goldberg website made with the Assemble theme

Lou Goldberg is a 70-year-old jewelry family business with a philosophy that successfully blends passion and beauty with quality. Located in Toronto, Ontario, they offer various jewelry-related services, such as appraisals, buying and selling estate jewelry, creating a custom design, as well as repairing and restoring fine jewelry.

Andra Ivanov

Andra Ivanov website made with the Depot theme

Andra Ivanov is an independent fine jewelry designer from London who makes all sorts of contemporary jewelry – from casual to exclusive pieces that can be used for special events. Aside from designing her jewelry, Andra is also a qualified gemologist with a background in jewelry production and manufacturing, so she selects and grades all the gemstones she plans to use herself. Aside from designing and selling her own jewelry on her site, she also offers cleaning, engraving and repair services.

Marcos e Marcos

Marcos e Marcos website made with the Tonda theme

With 40+ years of experience when it comes to selling antique items and decorative arts, Marcos & Marcos is an antique shop from Portugal that specializes in colonial Spanish, Portuguese and Oriental art. Recently, they’ve also opened a new shop which is filled with Italian and Scandinavian items, and also features Mid-Century modern and Post-modern design pieces. By accessing their website, you get to explore their wide assortment of antiques and decor items, while the actual price of the items is available upon request.


MontieK website made with the Borderland theme

MontieK is a group of passionate and experienced watch lovers who believe that a watch shouldn’t only indicate time, but also reflect one’s personality. On their website, you can take a look at their exclusive MontieK Tourbillon watches, discover more about their design and specifications, and of course, order the one you like.

Fashion Company

Fashion Company website made with the Kloe theme

Proudly standing as the biggest fashion retail and wholesale company in the Southeast European region, Fashion Company has over 100 retail outlets in Serbia and the neighboring region. They take special pride in distributing international fashion brands and developing new retail concepts. Apart from the list of brands they work with, on their site you can also find everything you need to know about their projects, locate the stores which are closest to your area, and shop their clothes online.

Denjo Dogs

Denjo Dogs website made with the Depot theme

Ever since their beginnings in 2016, the main objective of Denjo Dogs has always been to develop high-quality, eco-friendly dog products, from dog toys and treats to walking essentials. They do this by gathering the best and most conscious dog brands across the globe and combining them with their own. In addition, they make sure to quality check all products and suppliers by testing them for features such as functionality, durability and comfort. The website of this brand has a neatly created showcase of all their products, divided into categories. you can also read more about their story and check out their blog.


Falamank website made with the Assemble theme

Falamark is an internationally recognized jewelry design brand founded by the Lebanese designer Tarfa Itani in 2006. It produces unique and handmade contemporary jewelry. The design of the Falamank jewelry has been greatly inspired by Tarfa Itani’s oriental heritage, but many other styles can also be found in their collection, such as classical, neoclassical, and ethnic, or those inspired by natural phenomena and different geometric shapes.


And there you have it – our selection of the top 20+ eCommerce websites that have managed to stand out in their respectful niches with the help of Qode Interactive themes. As you can see from this list, whatever type of product you’re selling, our themes can help you set up a distinctive and profitable online shop. In case you need inspiration when building your own store, we strongly recommend that you check these websites out and see how they adapted our themes to the unique needs of their respective eCommerce businesses.

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