5 Best Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

Best Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

When creating a website, you usually don’t build pages without a purpose to them. The home page is there to provide an introduction to the site and an easy way to navigate to other parts of it. The about us page is there to give some vital information about the website and the business or people it represents. You build these pages because you have a use for the functions they perform.

When it comes to creating landing pages, you do it because you need to convert. Everything about a landing page is subordinate to the goal of conversion, whether you want people to buy, join, or sign up for whatever you’re offering. Every element the landing page has, be it video, text, a form, or a call to action — it’s all about getting the visitor to do what you want them to do. That’s why you don’t put navigation menus on landing pages — you want them to do what the page was built for, or just leave.

With such a specialized assignment, it can be challenging to create a useful landing page. Even the best regular page builder will only get you so far, and choosing one of the many specialized landing page plugins might yield better results. In this article, we’ll show you five of the best landing page plugins for your WordPress website.

The list includes:

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

In the field of website and page builders, Thrive Architect is positioned as the marketer’s best friend when they need to create conversion-oriented pages. Thrive Architect comes with a library of over 300 landing page templates, making the page-building process a breeze. Once you’ve pinned down the page template you like, that is.

Editing in Thrive Architect is fast and straightforward. The landing page plugin comes equipped with modules for any type of content you need on your landing page, including animations, call-to-action-buttons, testimonials, and pricing tables. You’ll find there’s little need to use third-party plugins for additional functionalities when you’re using the Thrive Architect.

Thrive also handles the expansions you might want, and they come in the form of addons. For example, if you want a way to do A/B testing on your landing pages, Thrive Architect has an addon. If you’re going to gather testimonials, there’s a solution for that, too. You’ll get almost everything you need either as a core feature of Thrive Architect or with the use of an addon .



Landing pages are a tool you use to compete with other businesses for the customers’ attention. The more serious you are about going after potential and existing customers, the more features and functionalities you’ll need from your landing page plugin. And if you’re lucky, that’s the point when you’ll cross paths with InstaBuilder.

Now in its second incarnation, InstaBuilder is a drag & drop landing page builder with an imposing list of features and functionalities. There’s the slick new interface it got with version 2.0. A template library for all kinds of landing pages, including some that will probably be new to you. And it culminates with the control over the most delicate details. InstaBuilder is the landing page plugin you could use to produce one stunning landing page after another.

And that’s not all. Never mind that InstaBuilder is a landing page plugin that lets you publish your pages to HTML so that you can use them even without WordPress, or that it comes with SEO and social share features. The real deal with this landing page plugin is that you only get to buy it once, and you’ll have it forever. It doesn’t have a subscription model. However, you will face some restrictions on the number of websites where you can use it, depending on the type of license you purchase.

Form Pages by WPForms

Form Pages by WPForms

Form Pages by WPForms is a landing page addon for the WPForms WordPress plugin that aims to solve two problems. The first is that most WordPress themes are reluctant to prioritize form layouts. The second is that some of them lack a dedicated landing page builder. When you bring the two together, the natural solution is the addon that turns one of the most popular form plugins into a landing page builder.

WPForms boasts a drag & drop form builder, many templates to choose from, as well as features such as entry management and spam protection. With Form Pages, you can harness the power of WPForms and build form landing pages for lead generation, surveys, or membership websites. And you can do it all without having to write a line of code.

Using WPForms as a landing page plugin is a bit niche for a couple of reasons. One, it only lets you create form landing pages. It’s also only available at the two Pro and the Elite subscription deals, which means it comes with a hefty price tag. But if your website relies on forms that much, and you otherwise think about using WPForms, you should be aware that it also lets you create form landing pages.

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to build a landing page or two without breaking the bank, WPOnepager is the landing page plugin worthy of your attention. With it, you can create everything from maintenance pages to personal landing pages and everything in between.

In its free version, WPOnepager is a drag & drop, front end page builder with a library of beautiful blocks and support for various types of input. It lets you quickly create responsive landing pages with the use of HTML5 and CSS3.

The paid version adds some useful features on top of it. You’ll get advanced control over typography, access to premium templates and blocks, as well as import and export options for your pages. While the paid version adds undoubtedly useful features, WPOnepager is still an amiable plugin for someone new to building landing pages.

Coming Soon Pro

Coming Soon Pro

Sometimes, the only reason to have a landing page up is so that you can tell people that something more awesome will be in its place soon. That’s what coming soon pages are for, and there are few better plugins for creating them than SeedProd’s Coming Soon Pro.

The Pro version of the plugin lets you choose between over a half a million background images for your coming soon landing page. It comes with more than fifty pre-made themes, and lets you customize them by choosing fonts, colors, and layouts.

This plugin will also come in handy whenever you need to put your website into maintenance mode. You can create a “Be right back” page that will let people know what’s going on with your website while preventing them from accessing it while it’s under construction or maintenance.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

The landing page is one of the most useful implements for drumming up some business and drawing people into your sales machinery. Every website, from a real-estate-themed one to a fashion or electronics store, can use a landing page.

Building such a crucial page should be approached with due diligence. But you should also find ways to make it easier and more efficient, with consistent results. Any one of the landing page plugins we mentioned can provide immeasurable help if it matches your particular situation. So, go ahead and pick the one you like the most!

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