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16 Beautiful Websites Made With the Stockholm WordPress Theme

Beautiful Websites Made With the Stockholm WordPress Theme

Inspired by the Scandinavian take on modernist design, Stockholm is a masterful blend of simplicity and functionality. This multi-concept WordPress theme is characterized by a decidedly minimalistic aesthetic, reflected in its light color palette and clean, contemporary look. The spacious layouts in Stockholm are designed to place focus on the content, and each demo is tailored to the unique needs of the industry or niche it’s made for. All this makes Stockholm a truly multipurpose theme, suitable for any type of website.

But the best way to illustrate the beauty and versatility of a theme like Stockholm is to show it in action. Which is why we’ve prepared a list of websites made with Stockholm, covering a variety of industries and purposes – from design and art portfolios, creative business, and architecture studios, to nonprofits, culture websites and a variety of small to medium-sized businesses.

Grit Richter

Grit Richter is a German visual artist that has a diploma from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She has had various solo and group exhibitions and has been awarded several scholarships and grants. Here you can see her most noteworthy works, some of which she claims have been greatly inspired by her love and passion for experimental electronic music.

Struny Podzimu

Strings of Autumn (Struny Podzimu) is one of the most important music festivals in the Czech Republic. The program of the festival unites different music styles, and so far has featured a broad range of performers – from hip-hop to jazz and electronic music. The website contains information about the program, tickets, and everything else related to the festival.

Fondazione Aldo Rossi

Aldo Rossi was an Italian architect and designer who was recognized in core areas of architecture and design on an international level. The Aldo Rossi Foundation was established in 2005 by Aldo Rossi’s inheritors, Vera and Fausto Rossi. The main purpose of the foundation is to collect and preserve his work in all its complexity and richness.

Boxing For Health

Pro boxer Miguel Lopez has created Boxing For Health to help people lead a healthier lifestyle and improve their physical and mental wellbeing through boxing. Here you can find all you need to know about the classes they’re offering, different memberships and trainers.

Espai Blanch

Espai Blanch is an architectural studio in the city of Tarragona, Spain that specializes in the integral management of all types of construction projects. They are involved in every part of the process – from planning the first draft to the delivery of keys. In their portfolio, you can find more information about their team, services, and projects.

Óptica Veneta

Óptica Veneta is an optical company from Madrid that sells online eyewear. They derive their name from Veneto, an Italian region which is the origin of the handicraft glasses industry. The five main principles of their business are quality, excellence, focus on customers, trend and innovations. Aside from eyewear, they also offer contact lenses and eye services such as optometry.

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Roos van Geffen

Roos van Geffen is a Dutch stage designer and an independent photographer who likes to take pictures of different people and places. Her photos are mainly associated with existential topics and contain various philosophical undertones that compel the viewers to study her photos in more detail. Her website is mostly dedicated to her photography and is also the place where visitors can keep up with her upcoming projects and exhibitions.


Torppari is a company from Finland that does concrete construction work, such as formwork, reinforcement and concreting. Additionally, they also offer expertise in other construction areas. Their main goal is to always meet the needs of the customers, regardless of the project size.

The Gentlemen’s Press

The Gentlemen’s Press is a team of designers and printers established in 2011 that mainly focuses on letterpress printing and aims to create the best paper products for clients worldwide. They pride themselves in their quality of services and sense of adventurousness.

the FOTOfactory

The FOTOfactory – International Institute of Photography is one of the most reputable private educational institutes in the Netherlands which features photography courses and workshops held in English. Students from across the globe choose to study different levels of photography at this institute. During their courses, the students are promised a relaxed atmosphere and are highly encouraged to get involved in the classes.

This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow is a creative studio with over ten years of experience in providing design solutions for all types of media. They’ve done original art and campaigns for many critically acclaimed international films. Some of their clients include Sony Pictures, Palace Films and Madman Entertainment, among others. You can get more familiar with some of their most notable works by browsing through their portfolio.

Head Held High

Head Held High organization is devoted to eliminating rural poverty on a global level, starting from India. Their main goal is to get 2 million villagers out of poverty by the year 2022. On their website, you can learn all about their program, view the latest news related to their cause, and find out how to get involved.

New York Peace Institute

New York Peace Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people resolve conflict in a creative and constructive way. They do this by teaching conflict resolution skills to different organizations and communities and strive to make progress in this area by training individuals who then become skilled mediators. Their website provides information about what types of disputes they work with, as well as about their training and services.


This is a website dedicated to the nonprofit organization that was formed with the sole purpose of providing services to the students of Aalto University School of Business. KY members have access to various member benefits, they can explore different careers, and attend membership-exclusive events. The KY webpage provides detailed information about the foundation itself, its history, student life related events, clubs, benefits, and so on.

Bryan Beavers Construction

Bryan Beavers Construction is a construction company located in Oklahoma that specializes in building and renewing luxury homes and properties. They take pride in their unrivaled quality services, as well as in their ability to fully commit to the needs of their clients. Their website offers a detailed insight into their working process, projects, and services.

Martha Haß Bestattungen

Funeral home Martha Hass is a family-run business from Stuttgart, Germany that organizes different types of natural burials, aside from providing the traditional earth burial and cremation. Among the variety of burials they organize are sea burial, air burial, space burial, and even diamond burial (the process in which the ashes of the deceased are put inside of a diamond).

Wrapping Up

As you can see, each of these websites looks unique and is adjusted to a very specific purpose. But there’s one thing every site on this list has in common – they’ve all been made with Stockholm. We hope that this glimpse into what this contemporary and highly flexible multi-concept theme can do will inspire you and give you a few ideas for your own website.

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