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15 Best Musician and Band Websites Made With Qode Themes

Best Musician and Band Websites Made With Qode Themes

By now it’s become indisputable that music and the Internet go hand in hand. Cassettes and CDs are, for the most part, a thing of the past. They have been replaced with streaming services and music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. This historical shift from physical to digital has left an indelible mark on the music industry. It has significantly changed the way music is marketed, but also how music websites are made.

To keep up with the expectations of an average fan and honor their need for instant gratification, almost all musicians now embed music players on their sites. They also connect their releases with popular online stores, create detailed album showcases, organize their music into playlists, embed YouTube videos, and connect their events pages to ticket sales websites. All of that is done to ensure the audience can complete most actions in as few clicks as possible on one site only (except for when they’re redirected to external ticket services) and prevent them from going elsewhere to find the content they’re interested in.

To ensure you can add all of these functionalities to your site effortlessly, we have created a stunning collection of premium music WordPress themes for all singers, bands, DJs, and music-related businesses. We will now introduce you to some of the best musician and band websites that have been created with Qode themes, demonstrating their beauty, flexibility, and functionality. The artists who have used our themes include:

The Prodigy

The Prodigy website made with the Mixtape theme

Using the Mixtape theme, one of the UK’s best known EDM bands and pioneers of the big beat genre, The Prodigy, crafted a website with a vibe that matches that of their music. Dark, fullscreen imagery lures you into their online realm filled with attractive visuals and examples of their works that have left an everlasting mark on the music industry. They’ve embedded their Instagram account onto the homepage followed by a feed of photos tagged with #ProdigyTattoos. You can browse their extensive videography thanks to the practical YouTube embed. They’ve also displayed links to their social media profiles, including Facebook, VK, and Twitter. Thanks to Mixtape’s frame carousel shortcode, the website makers have been able to create an interesting shop preview with some of the available products, inviting you to explore them in greater detail by visiting the band’s official online store. One page has been dedicated to the late Keef Flint, the founding member of The Prodigy. It contains details about organizations that deal with mental health issues and suicide prevention, as well as an Instagram gallery of Flint’s images.

David Guetta

David Guetta website made with the Mixtape theme

David Guetta, one of the world’s most popular DJs, also chose our Mixtape theme for his website. The homepage starts off with a fullscreen slider that contains links to some of Guetta’s YouTube videos. As you continue to scroll down the page, the parallax effect takes over and welcomes you to the next section where you can explore the artist’s latest albums and singles. If you click on the displayed artwork, a separate page dedicated to the selected album opens up. It contains the cover of the single or album you’re viewing, song previews, and, when available, YouTube video embeds, as well as information about the record, links to its Spotify or iTunes pages, and social media share buttons. You can browse Guetta’s entire discography by visiting the “Discography” page. He has also displayed his tour dates on the site and added links that redirect users to websites where they can purchase tickets. And with Mixtape’s single event layouts, he was able to create detailed presentations of every event. There is also a page dedicated to his videography and a well-organized photo gallery in grid.

Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft website made with the Bridge theme

The website of Richard Ashcroft, the former lead singer of the alternative band The Verve, was built using the Bridge theme. The top of the homepage contains links to the singer’s social media channels and his Spotify and Apple Music profiles. At the top right corner, you have the option to play one of his songs and enjoy exploring the site while listening to his killer voice. The hidden menu is displayed on the far left and, besides menu items, it also contains the artwork of Ashcroft’s latest release and a link to a page where you can stream and download it. The homepage includes a preview of the artist’s official store, a YouTube embed of one of his videos, and his Instagram feed. Using Bridge’s practical album layouts and elements crafted for musicians, the website makers have created an overview of Ashcroft’s discography and a detailed introduction to each album. Single album pages include tracklists, artwork, Spotify and YouTube embeds, as well as links to all major streaming services.

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler website made with the Shuffle theme

The legendary Bonnie Tyler also used a Qode theme for her website. She chose Shuffle, a theme ideal for bands, musicians, record labels, and festivals. Shuffle includes five different header styles, and Tyler’s site shows what the divided type looks like in action. The parallax effect adorns transitions from one section of the homepage to the next and follows your every scroll while you enjoy the fullscreen photo and video content. Using the theme’s inner page layouts, Tyler was able to create separate tour, biography, news, music, and contact pages. The “Tour” page contains the dates of all upcoming concerts as well as links to sites where fans can purchase tickets. All of Tyler’s albums are showcased on the “Music” page. Upon clicking on any of them, you will be redirected to a Spotify page where you can play the selected record. At the bottom of any page, you will find links to social channels and some quick links. And thanks to Shuffle’s Twitter feed widget, you can also keep up with the latest tweets from the singer.

Ape Machine

Ape Machine website made with the Rebellion theme

Ape Machine’s site made the most of the Rebellion theme. It starts with an animated introduction to their latest album. Below the artwork, you will find links to online stores where you can stream and download the record. If you click on the album cover, you will be redirected to the band’s online shop. Aside from purchasing the album, you can also listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, and other popular music services. Every product page contains an item description, the option to share the page on social channels, and a “Related Products” section. The store was built thanks to the theme’s compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin and its shop layouts. The site makers have organized the store into three categories – albums, t-shirts, and bundles. As you hover over each item, the “Order Here” button appears, allowing you to complete the purchase. Using the theme’s playlist shortcode, the band has created several playlists and enabled fans to listen to their songs directly on the site. There are also separate video, tour, contact, about, and my account pages. With this kind of a website, people who listen to Ape Machine are in for a real online treat!

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Hamidreza Shabani

Hamidreza Shabani website made with the Bridge theme

Hamidreza Shabani chose Bridge’s freelancer portfolio for his minimalistic website, proving once again the flexibility of Bridge and all of its demos. While Shabani did not feature any of his music on the site, he did create an appealing presentation of who he is, his experience, education, and career achievements. Shabani’s “Gallery” page looks particularly interesting. He decided to go with Bridge’s fixed split slider layout. On the left, there is a fixed image, while the scrollable gallery takes up the right side of the screen. Social media icons are added to the bottom left corner of each page so you can easily access his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Guilherme Kastrup

Guilherme Kastrup website made with the Creedence theme

Guilherme Kastrup is another artist who used the Creedence theme for his website. A fullscreen image slider greets you at the top of the page, followed by an overview of Kastrup’s discography, which can be explored in greater detail by visiting a page fully dedicated to it. Creedence packs the powerful Audio Playlist shortcode, which has been used to add a playlist on the homepage. Aside from listening to the songs, you can also watch related videos on YouTube as well as download tracks by clicking on links displayed in the playlist. The website includes an interesting gallery filled with photo and video content, news about the artist’s projects and workshops, his blog, and information about upcoming events.

Oriol Calvo

Oriol Calvo website made with the Mixtape theme

One of Ibiza’s most sought-after DJs, Oriol Calvo, decided to set up his one-page website with the Mixtape theme. Right from the get go, he used Mixtape’s slider to present the latest news about his work and his performances. Thanks to the theme’s option to embed music from Soundcloud, Calvo has included a playlist you can listen to directly on the site (or on Soundcloud, if you wish). The theme’s Instagram feed widget has allowed Calvo to display his feed on the site, keeping website visitors up to date with his latest posts. There is also a separate section on the page that contains one of Calvo’s embedded YouTube videos. If you click on the “Mas Videos” button, you will be redirected to his official YouTube channel. Contact details and links to his social media profiles are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Banda Beni

Banda Beni website made with the Bodega theme

Banda Beni’s site was built with the Bodega theme’s “Tune” music demo. The first thing you see once the site loads is a picture of the band splayed over the entire screen. It is followed by individual images of all band members and a preview of the “News” section. The “Storia” page takes you on a trip down Banda Beni’s memory lane and tells you the story about how the band came to be and about major events that happened since the band was formed, all backed up with gorgeous imagery. When you hover over “Discografia”, a dropdown menu will appear, inviting you to select a particular album. Album pages include tracklists and song lyrics, but if you wish to purchase them, you need to visit the band’s store. The releases displayed in the store can be streamed on all major music platforms, including Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music, and bought on iTunes and Amazon.

Igor Gehenot

Igor Gehenot website made with the Creedence theme

Igor Gehenot’s website, built with our Creedence theme, provides a wonderful introduction to his artistry. The theme’s image slider welcomes visitors at the top of the page, giving a hint of what’s to come if you stick around and continue to browse the site. Aside from learning more about Gehenot’s work as a solo artist and a member of several bands, you can also get information about his upcoming concerts, read his biography, press releases and technical rider list, as well as watch embedded YouTube videos, and explore his discography. Pages for the albums he released as a solo artist include video embeds, details about the people who participated in making the record, and a link to an online shop where you can purchase it. As for the projects he collaborated on, those pages include just iTunes/Bandcamp links. You can also subscribe to Gehenot’s newsletter and send him a message. A social icons widget is placed in the footer, where fans can find links to his social channels as well as his Bandcamp and Soundcloud profiles.

Johana Bogićević

Johana Bogicevic website made with the Bridge theme

Johana Bogićević is a DJ and graphic artist from Serbia. Using the Bridge theme and its Vertical Split Screen shortcode, she has created a website that beautifully depicts her artistic dualism. The left-hand side of the screen introduces you to her designs, while the right side includes photos from her performances and links to Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and her profile on Resident Advisor. This website is essentially minimalistic and, besides the homepage, it includes “About Me” and “Contact” sections. The said inner pages are also split into two large vertical areas, but they come sans the slider. The links to all music platforms and social channels are displayed on her “Contact” page.

Falko Steinbach

Falko Steinbach website made with the Mixtape theme

Pianist and composer Falko Steinbach chose Mixtape for his website. The first thing you notice on the homepage is the fullscreen image slider. Thanks to the theme’s shortcodes and custom post types specifically crafted for musicians, Steinbach has created a detailed showcase of his achievements as a pianist, composer, and teacher. You can explore his albums, see tracklists, stream songs on Spotify, iTunes, and other music platforms, watch embedded videos, read about his professional experiences and check out reviews about his artistry. Some of his latest releases can be purchased directly on the site. You can buy items without creating an account first, but if you wish, you can easily sign up. Aside from the standard menu navigation, you will also notice the hamburger icon at the top right corner. The hidden menu includes several songs from Steinbach’s Spotify page, as well as icons to his YouTube channel, Wikipedia page, and his Spotify account.

Tal Gamlieli

Tal Gamlieli website made with the Shuffle theme

The remarkable jazz bassist, Tal Gamlieli, has opted for the Shuffle theme. He has created a playlist with tracks from his debut album and added it to the homepage, allowing site visitors to immediately hear what his music sounds like. If someone wants to purchase the album, they can do so by clicking the Bandcamp link conveniently displayed below the playlist. On the left side of the screen, three sticky buttons enable fast access to Gamlieli’s Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud profiles. Using Shuffle’s Events List shortcode, he has displayed his concert dates and added information about the city and the venue where performances are to be held. Gamlieli has embedded his YouTube videos as well as his Soundcloud page on the site, so visitors don’t have to go to other pages to explore his artistry.

Loaded Lux

Loaded Lux website made with the Noizzy theme

The Noizzy theme was used to make Loaded Lux’s contemporary-looking website. He chose the appealing fullscreen showcase layout for his homepage. With attractive imagery splashed across the entire screen and embedded video in the background, Lux unmistakably captures the attention of every visitor who stumbles upon this site. There are also prominent buttons that lead visitors to iTunes, Google Store, and Lux’s online store, inviting them to purchase the artist’s albums and merchandise. Album pages come with links to the music service where you can buy the selected release and also include social share buttons. Aside from the standard menu navigation, Lux has also added a hidden menu which contains only links to his social media channels.

Northern Light Exposure

Northern Light Exposure website made with the Creedence theme

Northern Light Exposure’s site is yet another example of the Creedence theme in use. The theme comes with the “Events” custom post type, which allowed the band to create a clear overview of their upcoming performances and also include “Buy Ticket” links for each concert. Aside from neatly showcasing their entire discography, these indie post-punk revivalists have made detailed album presentations that include playlists, song lyrics, YouTube videos, and information about each release. Creedence is compatible with WooCommerce, which allowed the band to create an online shop. The theme also includes video background sections that helped make Northern Light Exposure’s site all the more eye-catching.

Final Words

With the music module specifically designed for and integrated into all our music-related themes, we’ve ensured artists have everything they could possibly need to present their work. From practical elements and contemporary page templates to unique custom post types, and more. Regardless of the theme you choose, you will get the perfect toolkit for creating album presentations and event showcases, as well as for connecting with your audience in a variety of different ways. Moreover, our themes enable you to add your own playlists and embed music from the world’s most popular music platforms. And the fact that some of the biggest music stars have used them to craft commanding websites speaks volumes of their unparalleled power and supreme quality.

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