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Introducing an Exclusive New Line of Products – Qi for Gutenberg

Introducing an Exclusive New Line of Products – Qi for Gutenberg

Ever since our beginnings, here at Qode Interactive we have always strived to accommodate all WordPress users regardless of their preferred builders, editors and other tools. We have created themes for WPBakery, Elementor and Gutenberg, allowing our users to pick what suits them best.

In line with this core disposition, after the successful launch of Qi Addons for Elementor, we are today proud to announce the release of a brand new, all-exclusive line of blocks for the other most popular page builderQi Blocks for Gutenberg. And we didn’t stop there – our offer now also includes Qi Templates, an extensive set of patterns, templates, demos and wireframes for Gutenberg. The two products make up an exclusive, comprehensive range – Qi for Gutenberg, a set that covers all site-building needs.

Our primary goal with this line of products is to provide all Gutenberg users with the same level of flexibility, design innovation and functionality that the Elementor users are enjoying, pushing the standards of this page builder in more advanced directions.

Qi Blocks for Gutenberg

Qi Blocks for Gutenberg

The largest yet collection of Gutenberg blocks is the result of our extensive work on identifying the needs of WordPress users in terms of functionalities, performance and style. The collection includes 48 free blocks with a never-before-seen number of options, plus 33 premium blocks featuring stunning elements that can’t be found anywhere else, with flexible pricing plans.

Thanks to the light code, the blocks allow for quick and smooth page building experience, creating websites that are lightweight and quick to load.

Installation, setup and customization couldn’t possibly be easier, which makes Qi Blocks for Gutenberg an excellent choice even for those just venturing into the world of WordPress.

Thanks to a more than generous set of options, each block can be customized to fit the page style to the tiniest detail, guaranteeing they make a cohesive and smooth unit with their environment on the page.

We invite you to check the official Qi Blocks for Gutenberg page for a complete overview of all the blocks and their capabilities. Alternatively, you can click on any link below to see a specific block in action.

Qi Blocks for Gutenberg can be mixed and matched to build any website imaginable, from simple blogs to complex portfolios, corporate websites and online shops. To demonstrate their potential, but also to provide Gutenberg users with absolute ease of use in building superior, elegant and highly functional websites, we have created Qi Templates, a set of pre-made website elements created with and powered by Qi Blocks.

Qi Templates

Qi Templates

We set out to develop Qi Templates with one simple goal in mind – to help Gutenberg users create stunning, professional websites with ease.

As the site-building experience underwent a shift with the onset of FSE – Full Site Editing, we wanted to create a set of simple, pre-made solutions that can be mixed and matched to create parts of pages, whole pages and entire websites – whatever our users might need at a particular moment.

As always, we paid particular attention to design, creating a collection that is aesthetically diverse but coherent in terms of following the highest design standards, as you can see for yourself if you head over to the official Qi Templates website.

The Qi Templates collection currently features 232 patterns, 365 templates, 32 wireframes and 72 demos.

  • You can use patterns to add specific sections to your website, building upon the theme you’re using. You can use a single pattern, a couple of them, or, if you want, you can build the entire website with them. The key is flexibility, and so is design perfection, something that’s always been very important to us at Qode Interactive.
  • Templates feature a wider set of sections and allow for extremely fast and easy site-building experience. Thanks to their unique, exclusive design, our templates help users create head-turning websites for just about any niche imaginable.
  • To accommodate users with a penchant for design, who want to style their website according to their unique aesthetic preferences, the collection also packs a set of practical style-free wireframes.
  • Finally, for those who just want a ready-made, out-of-the-box solution for their website, we have a set of 70+ exquisitely designed, feature-rich demos for a wide array of niches.

In order to provide complete freedom of choice and flexibility to our customers, Qi Blocks for Gutenberg and Qi Templates come in two options: a single site license, and a multisite one, for building unlimited websites. You can explore the pricing options here.

Note that if you purchase Qi Templates, you also get Qi Blocks for Gutenberg, as the templates are powered by our exclusive blocks and need them to work properly.

Both products come with extensive support, documentation and dedicated professional help.

We are also working on a series of YouTube tutorials and articles helping users get acquainted with Qi products for Gutenberg. Make sure to sign up for our channel and follow our Qode Magazine to learn more.

Our workshop is always busy and you can count on more exciting projects coming your way soon, so make sure to sign up to our newsletter for all the updates.

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