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How to Embed Your Facebook Status in WordPress

How to Embed Your Facebook Status in WordPress

Whether you like it or not, pretty much everyone who’s on the internet is also on Facebook. With nearly 3 billion active daily users, the world’s most popular social network is hard to ignore. It should come as no surprise, then, that there is a ton of solutions for integrating Facebook with WordPress abound.

There are a lot of Facebook functionalities which can be integrated with a WordPress website – you could embed a Facebook group or page feed, for instance, or install a Facebook Pixel in order to improve the effect of your advertisements. This tutorial, though, is all about embedding your Facebook status in WordPress.

But before we get to the nuts and bolts of the tutorial itself, we would like to take some time to talk about why you’d want to embed your Facebook status in the first place – just in case you are not sold on the social network itself or if you simply want to know more. In case you’re sure you want the tutorial, feel free to skip the next section.

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Why Embed a Facebook Status in WordPress?

A Facebook status started off as a simple way for individual users to notify their Facebook friends on what they’re up to at the time – in the early days, your status even had to start with something like “John Smith is…”. Nowadays, as Facebook offers more commercial functionalities to its users, it is a powerful communications tool – indeed, the premier public communications tool – between Facebook users.

Embedding a Facebook status provides your website visitors who do not use Facebook or do not follow you on Facebook with the information you share with your social followers. Be it a special offer, an important announcement, or anything else you may be posting on Facebook, your website visitors will not be excluded.

Furthermore, you may be involved in a public discussion over an issue that interests your website visitors. You can use Facebook’s own functionalities to embed any public post, including a status, into your WordPress website, and your visitors don’t even need to know what Facebook is in order to access its public content.

And not only that: this may be a good way of growing your Facebook following. Some of your regular website visitors may not know you have a Facebook page – this is as good a way as any for them to find out.

How to Embed Your Facebook Status in WordPress

Facebook’s Embed functionality is available for all public posts. This means that you can embed any public post into your website, not just your own status.

Embedding involves copying and pasting a piece of code. You will know whether a Facebook status is public or not by the globe (Public) icon next to the time of publication. If you hover over it, you will see its sharing settings.

Public Post Facebook

In order to get the embed code, click the menu icon (···) and select Embed. The exact contents of this menu may vary. If you can’t find the Embed option, this means that the owner of the post has disabled it and you are out of luck.

Embed Facebook Post

Finally, click the Copy Code button to, you guessed it, copy the embed code you need.

Copy Code Embed Facebook

In order to make the post appear on your website, you need to paste that code into an appropriate area. We will show you how to do it with Gutenberg, as part of a post, but it will work much the same for pages and widget-ready areas of your website.

We have started with a new post and some trusty old Lorem Ipsum placeholder text, but you can, of course, embed your chosen post anywhere on your website. In order to add a block to your post, click the plus (+) icon and select the Custom HTML block.

Custom HTML Block

The last thing you need to do is paste the code you have copied into the body of the HTML block. Once you have done that, you can save your post and the Facebook status you want to share will be embedded for your visitors to view.

Embed Facebook Paste Code

You can see that our Facebook status is now embedded between two blocks of text. If they are logged into a Facebook account, your visitors can now even interact with it (like, comment or share it) without leaving your website.

Facebook Embed Live Preview

We have used the Custom HTML block. But you might not be using the default Gutenberg editor. If you are using Elementor, you need the HTML element, while, if you are a Classic Editor user, you can simply paste the code where you need it provided you are editing in the HTML mode.

In Conclusion

As we have shown, it is easy enough to embed a Facebook status in WordPress: all you need is to copy and paste a bit of code you don’t even need to understand yourself. So if you want to let your website visitors know what you’re up to on the world’s most popular social network, now you know how to do it.

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