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Top 20 Inspirational Designers Worth Following On Dribbble

Top 20 Inspirational Designers Worth Following On Dribbble

Dribbble is a beloved behemoth of creativity, which gathers artists from all over the globe. Everyone from graphic, web, and motion designers, to UI/UX designers and illustrators has found their place on this platform. Albeit, Dribbble is invite-only (unless you sign-up for Dribbble Pro), which means that others won’t be able to see your work until a Dribbble member sends you an invitation. Once you’re past that point, you’re free to showcase your creative genius to the public.

The Dribbble community counts thousands of users, but there are artists whose projects make them stand out in this ocean of endless ingenuity. For this article, I’ve made a selection of the top 20 inspirational designers (besides the Qode Interactive team, of course) I think are definitely worth following on Dribbble. So let’s dive right in.

1. Zhenya Rynzhuk

Zhenya Rynzhuk is a prominent Ukraine-born designer with a whopping >140k followers on Dribbble. She’s into product and visual design, but her work covers a broad range of creative disciplines, including branding and animation. Zhenya is also an art director, Awwwards judge, and a co-founder of the Sochnik Design Thinking School. Last year she created one of the five free Adobe UI kits for Adobe XD. Her kit is called Designer Marketplace UI Kit and it helps users create designer apps, websites, marketplaces, and fashion editorials.

Zhenya’s work is characterized by edgy layouts and smooth, innovative animation styles. Her projects are all designed in a sophisticated and contemporary manner, and represent a true mix and match of all the skills she clearly excels at.

2. Filip Justic

When on a quest of finding a clean interface inspo or a designer for your projects who knows clean design like no other, look no further than Filip Justic. He’s a co-founder and the head of design at Balkan Brothers. They are a web design studio that specializes in designing as well as developing websites and apps.

Filip is a self-taught UI and UX designer, and he’s been around since 2012. Over the years he’s gathered a large following on Dribbble, which today counts >35k followers. He’s a true master when it comes to creating clean layouts, which he tastefully adorns with just a pop of color and soft shadows.

3. Slava Kornilov

Slava Kornilov is a true design force to be reckoned with. I’m in complete awe of his work. And so are the almost 30k other people who follow him. He’s a part of the Awwwards jury for 2019, and he also serves as creative director for Geex Arts, which is a studio that deals with web and mobile development.

Just take a look at Slava’s Dribbble profile and at Geex Arts’ outstanding website. You’ll be blown away by impressive sliders, huge images and great animation as well as typography choices. See what I’m talking about? That’s some really powerful design.

4. Juraj Masar

Juraj Masar is a Bratislava-based creative skilled in web and mobile design. He’s a self-taught, product-design aficionado who’s uploaded 85 shots so far and garnered more than 2.5k followers.

Even though he’s still young, his work is truly magnificent. You can tell that he has a proper knack for design and that he’s more than good at it. Juraj’s clean layouts, paired with neat typography and great use of white space will dazzle you in seconds.

5. Hrvoje Grubisic

Croatian designer Hrvoje Grubisic is a Faculty of Architecture – School of Design graduate. He works as a design director at Bornfight, a lead product designer at Mediatoolkit, and since 2015, he’s been a part of the Awwwards jury. Over the years, he’s also worked with the likes of Lufthansa, Heineken, and Dell. So far, he’s racked up over 33k followers and shared 362 shots.

Hrvoje is well-known for his bold and cutting-edge designs, and he’s clearly unafraid to experiment with various grids. He’s also not a stranger to sharing his entire creative process with the crowd, so you can learn a great deal about design from him.

6. Mike – Creative Mints

Mike is probably one of the most popular designers on the platform, with a total of almost 200k followers. He’s a rightful king of graphic design, and a total boss at creating all kinds of icons, illustrations, as well as designs for websites, games, and UI. He’s gained global recognition with his brand Creative Minds, and just by taking a look at his work, you can see what sets Mike apart from the rest.

As Mike himself states in his Dribbble bio, he creates ’’eye candy solutions for web and mobile apps’’. What I really like about him is the fact that he hand-draws illustrations first, which is pretty neat, and then proceeds to share some key points of his work-in-progress with the audience. It’s great to see someone as cool as Mike willing to do this, as there’s so much to learn from this stellar artist.

7. Nguyen Le

If you prefer minimal designs, there’s hardly anyone who beats Nguyen Le at that game. He’s worked with the likes of Nintendo, Adidas, Target, and he totally rocks when it comes to web design. Nguyen also runs two online courses ( and, and writes a blog, where he shares his tips and tricks with designers.

So far, he’s uploaded 177 shots for a crowd of almost 15k followers. Le’s projects are rather simple and clean, but with the ingenious use of typography and white space, he manages to add a lot of character to each of his works.

8. Meg

Meghan Robichaud is an illustrator and a designer. She’s worked at Shopify in the past, and is currently employed at Lyft. 591 shots later, Meg counts almost 40k followers, and continues to upload her illustrations on the regular.

Meg’s portfolio is nothing short of impressive. Her illustrations appear simple, without too many colors, but all are super engaging, and fun.

She perfectly captures the idea of a brand and then delivers it to users in a witty way.

9. Gil

Meet Gil, a web and UI/UX designer from Belgium. A true pro when it comes to design, Gil’s also big on branding, and works at Ollie, a branding agency. He’s also been a part of the Awwwards jury, and there’s an online design class that he teaches on Skillshare. At the moment, he has 51.490 followers, after 364 shots uploaded.

Gil is all about taking a minimalist approach to his works. He’s widely known for bold designs and stunning typography. The way he combines lettering and imagery to create captivating pages makes his works stand out from the rest.

10. Giga Tamarashvili

Giga Tamarashvili has garnered quite a following on the platform, with almost 53k people keeping an eye on his shots. This UI/UX designer has a distinct style I immediately fell in love with. He’s also into branding, as well as interaction design.

It’s all about phenomenal color combinations in his designs. If you’re looking for some color inspo and contemporary-looking designs, Giga’s profile is, without a doubt, just the place for you.

11. Divan Raj

Divan Raj is a true connoisseur of both UI and UX design. He’s built quite a big following on Dribbble, with more than 66k followers.

Raj excels at product design, as he’s also a huge name when it comes to dashboard and mobile app design. His work is vibrant and multicolored, but at the same time simple and clean.

12. Nikola Uzinov

Nikola Uzinov is a freelance web designer and digital artist who specializes in both UI and UX design. He’s also skilled in product design and creating UI animations. Currently, there are 4,387 people following his work on Dribbble.

Nikola’s fully focused on creating simple design solutions. Just by taking a glimpse at his edgy portfolio, you’ll come to realize that he excels at crafting extraordinary layouts. His work got featured in Forbes, which is a true testament to his expertise.

13. Mary Lou

A freelance web designer as well as a developer, Mary Lou is a proper boss when it comes to animations and interaction design. Her portfolio is truly inspiring and each shot she’s shared with her >5k followers demonstrates just how brilliant she is at what she does.

Mary is a co-founder and author at Codrops, which is a great blog for all creatives out there. She’s uploaded numerous articles and tutorials, with the goal of helping others boost their work with some cool effects.

14. Vera Voishvilo

Vera Voishvilo is an illustrator and a graphic designer with more than 12k people following her work on the platform.

She’s a true Dribbble gem and her shots exude endless creativity. A terrific illustrator, indeed, whose work could take any kind of website to the next level of awesomeness.

15. Alex Spenser

Alex Spenser is a self-taught graphic designer who specializes in creating logos, icons, packaging design, brand identity and illustrations. His works are fresh and innovative, which is probably why he’s racked up more than 30k followers.

Alex is known for using clean lines and vivid colors, which add flavor to his projects. His portfolio speaks volumes of his creativity and expertise, and it solidifies the fact that Alex is one of the top players in the design game.

16. Milos Djuric

In need of some logo design inspiration? I’ve got just the guy for you. His name is Milos Djuric, and he’s a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Belgrade, who specializes in branding and illustration. At the moment, Milos has >6k followers, and continues to upload his snazzy shots on the regular.

His works appear playful, colorful, and eye-catching. You can just tell that each logo has been carefully thought out. What also stands out are Milos’s typography choices, which breathe a lot of character into each piece. His marvelous and amusing works prove that Milos is a true class act.

17. Peter Tarka

Peter Tarka is an exceptional artist, and this man stands in a league of his own. Join his >8k followers, and get ready for a real 3D visual feast. He’s worked with giants such as Apple, Nike, Google, BMW, and many more.

The subjects of Peter’s multicolored works are usually still-life or non-realistic scenes. Each project is bursting with imagination and Peter’s attention to details is absolutely impressive. He’s truly one of a kind, so make sure to keep an eye on his upcoming projects.

18. Vladimir Gruev

Vladimir Guev is all about simplicity. More than 11k people keep track of his shots, and for good reason.

For this UI/UX designer, the main goal is to create projects that are user-friendly. His front-end knowledge definitely helps him achieve that, and so does the atomic design methodology he’s using in his work. Though simple, his projects manage to appear full of vigor thanks to his clever use of colors, typography, and clean shapes.

19. Uran

Oh – my – God! Uran’s illustrations are sooo cute! More than 17k followers are fans of his work, too, and rightfully so.

Uran’s an astonishing UI designer, whose forte are beautifully illustrated and highly stylized real-life scenes. Just look at them! Gorgeous use of colors, a clean style, and such creativity. He’s also great at motion design, which you can check out on his Dribbble profile.

20. Yoga Perdana

Yoga is the man when it comes to logo design. And more than 154k followers seem to feel the same.

The logos he creates are attractive, contemporary, at times edgy, and with a lot of flavor. One thing’s for certain, though – they are without a doubt timeless, and would make any business stand out.

In Conclusion…

Twenty utterly fascinating artists later, I’ve reached the end of my list of inspirational designers you should follow on Dribbble. Whether you want to enhance your own skills, or if you’re simply stuck and in search of some inspiration, these guys can definitely help you get the creative juices flowing.

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