13 Best Websites for Downloading Illustrations

13 Best Websites for Downloading Illustrations

Illustrations are a hot topic in the design world. They provide a great way of adding a human touch to any type of content. Besides helping you convey the personality of your brand, they’re also highly flexible and can easily be adapted to a variety of purposes. Which is exactly why good vector art is in such high demand. But finding quality illustrations can often be challenging. Since we’re always looking for ways to help minimize your stress levels, we’ve compiled a list of 13 amazing websites you can download illustrations from.

ITG Digital

We’ll kick things off with a true gem. ITG Digital is a great place to discover an amazing collection of illustrations and to create custom illustrations online. Search for compositions or elements only, depending on your needs, or browse the entire collection of illustrations available on the website.

If you’re looking for illustrations for a specific niche, you can select one of the many available categories.

Find an illustration you like, and customize it the way you want using ITG Digital’s predefined elements. Modify illustration elements, and play with the colors to make the illustration fit the style of your brand. When you’re satisfied with the result, download your illustration in a JPEG, PNG, or SVG format.

This illustration builder comes with three available plans – free, monthly, and yearly subscriptions. Only the yearly plan has no limitations whatsoever, so you can download as many illustrations as you like, in whatever format you please. On the other hand, free subscribers can download up to 100 items, in JPEG format only, and they also have to add a link to the ITG Digital website if they want to use illustrations online. To learn more about what each plan includes, check out the ITG Digital Pricing page.

Ouch by Icons8

Ouch illustrations in action on Asha Rajput’s Dribbble profile

Ouch is definitely one of my favorite websites. There’s a plethora of very modern illustrations and other vector assets to choose from, created in 20 different styles. Illustrations can be customized in Ouch’s Vector Creator. Mix several different illustrations, change colors, scale your image, and add as many elements as you like. To download the final product, you don’t even need to have an account, but in that case only the PNG format is available.

Ouch offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, for teams and single users. Free users must credit the authors if they want to use these illustrations, include a license link, and also indicate if they’ve altered the product in any way. Monthly and yearly pricing plans come with no limitations of that sort, so just choose the one that best suits your needs.


Undrawn illustrations in action on Momcilo Milijasevic’s Dribbble profile

Undrawn is stacked-full with illustrations you can use for any kind of project, both commercial and personal. And they’re all free of charge. You don’t need any special permission to use any of the items nor do you need to credit the creators. Account creation isn’t even possible, so all you have to do is find the illustrations you want to use and download them to your device. You can choose between an SVG format for your projects, and PNG for blog posts and social media.

At the top of the page, on the right, you can select the color scheme that will dominate the illustrations. There’s also the Search option, so you can find what you need by entering the desired keyword.


If you’re in need of illustrations of people, then the amazing Humaaans by Pablo Stanley is the right website for you. No sign-up is required, and the content can be downloaded for free. In case you decide to use this material, be it for personal or commercial use, you need to credit the author.

At the very top of the website, there’s a button inviting you to Get the Library. Click on it and you’ll be taken to Dropbox, where items are stored and organized in folders. You can download illustrations of single body pieces, people standing, sitting, etc. Add backgrounds, rotate bodies, change clothing, colors, and hairstyles according to your taste. The library is available on InVision Studio, but you can also use Sketch files for customization.


DrawKit comes with a vast assortment of free and paid illustrations you can use for your projects without having to include attribution. All the free categories are listed at the very top of the homepage, and you can also browse the library via keyword. As for paid items, you can set the amount you’re willing to pay for them, but $3 is indicated as the price under which you probably shouldn’t go.

On DrawKit you’ll find illustrations created in two different styles, but all items can be altered to fit the tone of your brand. Both PSD and PNG downloads are included. The author of this website is James Daly, an Australian illustrator and designer, and his aim is to feature 2 – 4 new illustrations a day on his website.


OpenDoodles is a collection of free, hand-drawn illustrations you can modify as much as you like, for any personal or commercial use. The same author that created the Humaaans website, Pablo Stanley, is the driving force behind OpenDoodles.

Hover over the illustration you like, and choose the format you want to download, either SVG or PNG, and sometimes even GIF. To modify the colors of illustrations, you can use the OpenDoodle’s Generator. Set the color scheme to your liking – use the pre-created color schemes or adjust the colors on your own. And if you wish, it’s possible to download an entire illustration pack, and not just the individual items.


If you’re looking for cool and free SVG illustrations, then the LukaszAdam website is the right place for you. Lukasz is an independent web designer and his vector illustrations and icons are nothing short of stunning. His work is very detail-oriented, with lots of outline illustrations.

Both individual illustrations and entire illustration sets are available for download. No sign up is needed. Just press the Download button to save products on your device. You can change the downloaded products however you want, they’re entirely customizable. If you go on to use them in your projects, you don’t need to credit the author, but that’d be a nice thing to do.

Absurd Design

Absurd Design offers a wide variety of distinct illustrations for all kinds of projects, landing pages, apps, etc. The authors successfully combine imagination and absurdity with a sense of practicality in their products.

The illustrations from this website can be downloaded for free, but in that case, link attribution is required, and you can only get 11+4 free images, in PNG format. There’s also a membership plan, but the number of members is limited to 300, as the authors don’t want these illustrations to become generic. If you wish, you can sign up for $57 per quarter. That’ll grant you unlimited access to all products, PNG and SVG format files, colored versions of illustrations, and you won’t have to include an attribution link.


Another website that features beautiful illustrations is Glaze. To see their collection, click on the Browse button in the upper left corner of the site. You can view all illustrations or browse them by category. Products can be downloaded for free (in that case attribution is needed), but only in lower resolutions (eg. 648x648px, 72dpi) and in a PNG format. You just need to sign up for an account first. Downloading items in full size, and in PNG and AI formats, doesn’t come royalty-free.

In case you’re creating illustrations on your own and you’re happy with how they look, why not contribute your vector art to Glaze? If someone buys your work, you’ll get 70% of each sale.


Manypixels is a terrific source of free illustrations you can use for all kinds of projects. No need to worry about the license, as the authors allow users to download, customize, and use all illustrations as they please, without even having to credit the authors.

Browse the illustrations via keyword, and use the color customizer on the right-hand side of the screen to adjust the colors the way you want. When you’re done, click on the image, and choose between SVG and PNG formats


Discover a terrific set of art illustrations on Mixkit and download them for free, with no sign-up or attribution required. As on the majority of websites, you can browse Mixkit’s products by keyword or by category. Available categories are listed at the top of the page, and upon selecting one, you’ll see its description as well as the number of items it features. Each illustration comes with a short description and the name of the author is also displayed next to the item. To get an illustration, click on the Download Free Art button and the item will be yours to use.


When in need of free, fully customizable isometric illustrations, head over to the Isometric website. You’ll find products for various types of projects. To download them, click on the illustration you like, and get both SVG and PNG files free of charge. Isometric products are published under the MIT license, which means you can use them without having to include attribution.

All of the illustrations you’ll find on the website are created by UI designer and illustrator, Sergei. There aren’t as many of them as on the other websites we’ve included on the list, but he creates them in his spare time, and tries to update the collection as often as possible.


Paaaterns includes a wonderful assortment of free patterns made in all main vector formats (PNG and SVG). The designs are bursting with colors, and are adorned with interesting shapes. All patterns come with multiple layer styles and vector shapes, so you can alter them just the way you want. It’s recommended you use Sketch, Figma, and XD for customization. To download the collection of patterns, you need to enter your email address first and submit it to the authors.

LStore Graphics

LStore Graphics packs a beautiful collection of distinct, colorful illustrations. You can explore each illustration pack in-depth before you proceed with the download. That way, you can better understand if the selected product is exactly what your project needs. The website features both free and premium products. To get them, you have to leave your email address, and the files will then be sent to your inbox. The products can be used for personal and commercial purposes, but it’d be good to include the link attribution. Moreover, you can download “Wrrooom!”, an LStore Graphic’s illustration constructor. The free version lets you make avatars, while the premium version allows you to craft illustrations.


Iconscout offers an assortment of icons, illustrations, and photos. The content is organized into multiple categories and there’s also the handy search option. The tagging system on this site is great, so you should be able to quickly find what you need. There are three types of licenses and the prices vary depending on the product. A lot of products are available for free and you don’t even have to create an account to get them. There’s also a cool option that allows you to resize an item before downloading it. You can choose a default size or enter a custom one. Attribution isn’t obligatory, but it’s always appreciated.


Stubborn is an illustrations generator that lets you design your own custom characters. You can choose between various head shapes and hairstyles, body types, and add all kinds of objects to illustrations (e.g. cars, trees, chairs, etc.) to create an appropriate setting. The illustrations are compatible with Figma and Sketch. The generator can be used for free, but to gain unlimited access to all of its content, you need to pay $99 a year.

Get Illustrations

Get Illustrations has an excellent library of free illustrations that you can edit to your requirements. The packages come with detailed descriptions and information regarding the file type, the license, and the editing programs the file is compatible with. The content is regularly updated so there’s always something new to discover. To download products, you need to create an account first. If you wish to get custom illustrations (which are not available for free), you can contact the team who runs this website and ask them to make something specifically for your project.

Closing Words

And so we’ve reached the end of our roundup of 13 websites for downloading illustrations. If you’d like to make your websites, blogs, landing pages, emails more interesting, but you find drawing illustrations time-consuming or you feel like you lack skills, then these sources will be of great help in your work. Each website comes with a different type of vector art, so you can take your pick, depending on the type of project you’re working on.

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