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Top 18 Architecture Websites Made with Qode Interactive Themes

Architecture Websites Made with Qode Interactive Themes

Inspired by the art of precision and the visual creativity that lie at the core of all great architectural accomplishments, our architecture WordPress themes are designed to emphasize the best a studio or freelance architect has to offer. In fact, we imbue these key principles into each of our themes. In this list, you’ll find a selection of architecture and interior design websites that have been created using a wide range of Qode Interactive themes, including a few that were not initially designed for the architecture industry. What they all have in common is a clear and precise aesthetic layered upon a flexible framework. This powerful combination results in premium WordPress themes that empower anyone to easily create a professional web presence for their unique needs.


stepARCH website made with Aalto theme

Štêpán Jiránek is a Czech freelance architect who currently also works for A69 architects. He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague and during his studies he had the opportunity to work under the leadership of excellent architects in various studios and make some of his own designs as well. On his website, you can take a look at the architecture projects he has worked on over the years, including apartment buildings, interior design, public spaces, and so on.


Flatlamb website made with Sahel theme

When it comes to interior design, the people from Flatlamb studio, Moscow, pride themselves in taking on tasks of any complexity and guarantee to find unique solutions for each project. Of course, their website allows you to browse through their residential, commercial, and other types of interior design projects in full detail.


MEESVISSER website made with Ottar theme

MEESVISSER is an office dedicated to designing beautiful buildings and spaces with the ultimate goal to improve people’s quality of life. They believe in creating architecture with a strong character that complements the user’s identity and connects them with their environment. On their architecture website, you can find out more about the company news & projects, and have a detailed look into their office’s inner workings.


Blackhall website made with Brick theme

Having been active for over 30 years, Blackhall is a company from Edinburgh that works on all types of construction projects and strives to satisfy their clients’ every need. The philosophy that they apply is that every person needs to be at their best so that each new project gets completed in the best possible way. Their website provides insight into their comprehensive portfolio, testimonials, and services.

Weber Arquitectos

Weber Arquitectos website made with Grafik theme

As an office that specializes in architectural projects, interior and furniture design, Weber Arquitectos mostly focuses on building and furnishing public spaces, including house, office and residential projects. On their site, they claim that they enjoy the entire process of creating a project – from the design stage to the construction, supervision, and realization of architecture, all the way to interior design and furniture. They always seek to find the balance between integration into nature and maintaining the feeling of privacy.

Collection Équinoxe

Collection Équinoxe website made with Bodega theme

Collection Équinoxe is a rental-only concept company from Québec, Canada that offers rent of high-end condos and luxurious amenities. Some of these amenities include indoor parking, a sports and fitness club, a catering kitchen, and a dog park, among other great options. There’s detailed info on their website about all their prime locations, living spaces, and services.


Mulberry Design + Build website made with Ambient theme

Mulberry is a group of custom home builders from Central Ohio that promise to build luxurious projects within a sensible budget. During their construction process, their goal is to find innovative solutions by using the best products, materials, and construction methods in order to plan every project to the fullest. Apart from their portfolio and services, their website also contains information about their development types and allows you to explore their latest creations in neighborhoods around Columbus, Ohio.

V+A Architects

V + A Architects website made with Grafik theme

V+A Architects work on designing and building various types of architecture. They take pride in the strong technical skills and creative attitude of their staff and aim to build architecture that looks clear and welcoming. Their site allows you to take a look at their portfolio and browse through some of their most notable works – from commercial and industrial, all the way to educational, house and residential projects.

Themes for Architects
Die banner
Die Finnhütte

Modern Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Ratio banner

A Powerful Interior Design and Architecture Theme

Aalto banner

Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Marta Mascheroni

Marta Mascheroni website made with Ratio theme

Marta Mascheroni has been developing exhibit design projects for various events, presentations, and exhibitions since 2006. Aside from the pictures of this talented architect’s previous projects, her website also provides a way of getting in touch with her.

KWR Rathenow

KWR Rathenow website made with Aalto theme

With about 3,000 rental units, KWR Rathenow is the largest landlord of residential and commercial space in the city of Rathenow, Germany. They are committed to urban development and revitalization of urban structures in the city and offer a large range of apartments fit for a wide variety of lifestyles.

Bigtime Design Studios

Bigtime Design website made with Grafik theme

This professional and award-winning studio specializes in designing hotels, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The main focus of BigTime Design Studios is to create stylish and functional architecture that leaves a lasting impression and corresponds with the client’s brand identity. The info you can find on their site ranges from their most noteworthy projects and awards to their blog and behind-the-scenes videos.

Störmer Murphy and Partners

Störmer Murphy and Partners website made with Assemble theme

The aim of Störmer Murphy and Partners from Hamburg, Germany is to create buildings of high-quality and consistency. These architects have completed an extensive list of projects over the course of 25 years, offering different solutions to every location – whether it’s an office, a commercial building, a hotel, or a cultural and educational building. On their site, you can see a streamlined view of their projects with a detailed description, as well as their team, partners and awards.

Arhitektura Budjevac

Arhitektura Budjevac website made with Grafik theme

Arhitektura Budjevac is an architecture studio from Nis, Serbia that has undertaken many big residential, commercial and interior design projects. Their website offers insight into their extensive portfolio and showcases some of their architecture awards and publications.

Seves Glassblock

Seves Glassblock website made with Ambient theme

Seves Glassblock is the world’s leading manufacturer of glass block interior design. Their mission is to turn glass block materials into artistic elements, unleashing the potential that can be incorporated into the creation of various interior design and architectural projects, thus making sure to blend art and function into their works. On their website, you can get informed about different glass block installation methods and technology they use in general, and view their gorgeous gallery with projects which feature their designs in architectural and home interior applications.


Reztark website made with Grafik theme

Reztark is a multi-disciplinary studio that promotes its know-how on the web in many different areas, such as interior design, architecture, graphic design, and branding. The foundation of their every project is created by starting a conversation with their clients and seeking to understand their goals and needs to the fullest for the best possible result. On their website, there’s in-depth info about their services, as well as about possible career options in their studio.

J.S. Vig Construction

J.S. Vig Construction website made with Ratio theme

J.S. Vig Construction is a firm based in Michigan founded upon the principle that people and relationships are defining factors in business success. With over 50 years of experience in offering pre-construction services, they now have the resources to handle all phases of a project. Their site provides info about their services, project experience, company-related news and events, and more.

The Davani Group

The Davani Group website made with Ratio theme

The Davani Group is a team of natural stone specialists and designers that source the finest natural stone from around the globe. They design and install furniture and architectural and decorative features made from marble and other natural stone products – all in cooperation with interior decorators, architects, and designers. The website of Davani Group offers plenty of information related to their services and collections.

SK+I Architecture

SK+I Architecture website made with Ratio theme

A recognized leader in the industry when it comes to residential and mixed-use projects, SK+I Architecture is a collaborative design studio that tries their best to put all their creativity and inspiration into their work to make excellent architecture. Their dedication to their clients and passion for what they do drives them to move forward and improve even more in the future. Their web page offers information about their company and awards and allows you to take a detailed look at their portfolio.


From New York to London to Beijing, architecture firm websites all over the world are successfully presenting their business on the web thanks to the streamlined structure and flexible design of Qode interactive themes. And here we’ve gathered the best, most beautiful of those websites. Whether you’re searching for a theme to help you showcase your projects and services in a truly deserving manner or just gathering ideas for your online presentation, we hope this list of stunning architecture websites made with our themes proves useful.

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